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John the Baptist

Updated: Apr 21

A Babaji likes a saint found in a state of severe ascetic's necrosis, existing inside his own shell as a powerful litch.

This finding marks the fourth location on the road of Christian Mysticism which I speculate goes all the way through to the temple of Melchizedek.

I believe that this lineage is a rouge line of initiates of the old temple.

There was an extensive set of symbolism and energy structure revealed as well as the figure or shell of John the Baptist enclosed by a rib kind structure(from the shoulders up).

He had long black hair and ascetic like body.

The first symbol was an equal-armed cross with a diamond shape at the center.

A blocked gateway with some sort of energy portal behind and a pillar with a circular orbiting a circle.

At some point, a radiating symmetrical eye appeared as well.

My guess is that upon the death of Jesus, Johan lost his source of power, got arrested, executed and turned litch.

Due to his high initiation to the priesthood, his seed remained in the astral, but the spirit formed was a distortion.

Clearing out the tomb would provide the fourth model of a Judaic-mystic, as during his life he was able to be initiated higher than Jesus, owing to the fact that he was a Judaic-priest and decedent to a line of priests.

Possibly the initiator of Jesus into the mysteries of Melchizedek.

It well may be that the symbol at the top left of the image is the key symbol for a fourth level initiate of the Judaic-mysteries.

The closed ‘gate’ is particularly interesting as it may signify that he has been blocking the path from a practitioner from succeeding in order to remain the only power.

It marked the end of the Judaic-mystic mysticism and the beginning of the Rabbinical period who BTW are using Babylonian keys of power.

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