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Shiva-Kali Vs Lucifer-Lilith


The image portrayed to me in India is of the first tribal Man (not god) who broke away from tribal unity to seek self-liberation. He spent time in the forest practicing the yoga of the self-called Joga. He overcame "Maya," the feminine illusionary aspect of the world, through a single-minded focus on the inner Void (No-thing-ness), achieving transcendency and becoming a Purusha (spirit).

By this, he is called Adi Nath (the first lord).

After that, he meditated among dead flesh-eating spirits and wondering dogs with his muttered hair "Jatas" (not dreadlocks), feeding off human flash seeking further liberation, which attracted Sati, his first wife, and devote.

Sati burned herself in rage over her father's refusal to let dirty muttered haired Shiva attend a great feast to which all deities were invited.

Shiva got enraged, raised an army of death demons, slay her father, took the body of Sati, and carried it around, mourning his loss, seeding destruction all over.

Vishnu sent his disk and cut Sati's body to twelve, sending Shiva into further fury, which drove him to perform his Tandava, the dance that breaks the world.

All the gods were terrified, and to appease him, Vishnu promised that Sati would incarnate on a later date (Parvati).

However, Parvati, his second wife, is not Sati but a bread goddess that tempted Shiva away from this solitude and had to be convinced to do that. A different story from Sati, who fell in love with him and coupled with him willingly.

After that, Shiva proceeded to cut Bahama's fifth head off.

Brahma is a creator, an artist giving birth to the perceived world through his five heads, watching the four cardinal directions and the sky.

The Brahmic creation process is portrayed as a passive activity where odd forms sprang from his head, creating the known world.

Shiva cut off Brahma's fife head, the sky watching head.

Shiva became cursed forever to wounder the cremation ground with four dogs and his white bull Nandi, which is his Sawari (ride).

In that form, he is known as Bhairava (Lord of murder), revered by order of the Naths who follow this story.

As the story goes, marrying Parvati marked the end of his time on the cremation ground.

His practice in the cremation ground fruited him with immortality and siddhis (spiritual/psychic powers).

At some point, He had a battle with a demonic being over material power. As a result, he gained his title Nata Raja 'the Lord dancing over the lower forces of the world,’ achieving dominance over the material world.

Escaping his followers from south India to the mountains to find a peaceful place to meditate, he traveled up to Mani Mahesh mountain. He sat inside a cave under a waterfall for seven years to attain transcendence over the universe and everlasting tranquility, becoming a "Maha Purusha" (Great being).

I had the pleasure to make that pilgrimage up above the clouds. In a word, fantastic!

He spends his time between meditation in the mountains, making love with Parvati back home, and practicing tantra in the forest with Kali, the goddess of death and the incarnation of the Void.

There is strong probation against sexual activity of any kind on the cremation ground also amongst Agoris.

I don't understand how mashing Shiva with Lucifer can yield anything good.

Shiva is the first Human who attained liberation, immortality, and power over the material world through an act of will and rigorous practice.

He is not a leader, teacher, or liberator but a path maker and example to follow into godhood.

He is the Jogi becoming a Purusha, a spirit in the human body, practicing all sorts of (nonsexual) tantras in the cremation ground her achieving immortality becoming indestructible.

Meditating further to tie himself with the everlasting conciseness transcending the universe and becoming a "Maha Purusha" (great being).

Lucifer was never portrayed as a man but rather as an angelic being and, in the temple of ascending flame and the draconian current, is perceived as a "Maha Purusha."

Although Traditionally, the other form of Parvati is Kali, I found it not true.

Kali is Shiva's Dakshina, a death goddess, and together, they practice tantra in the forest. So in that way, she is his tantric teacher and, besides Parvati, his only remaining connection to the world.

Unlike Vishnu, who is a Purusha or "Maha Purusha" portrayed as a total asshole sitting beyond the world on his thrown, getting his feet massaged by his Vinashini, Shivisim is an orally passed tradition, not text-based or priest-made canons.

There is a rivalry between Vishus devatas(minions), the sky-born Gurudas, and the earthly reptilian Nagas backing Kali and Shiva.

Vishuvits seek to discard their ego and unite/merge with Vishnu (Ascension).

Shivaits seek to Transcend the world by their power, will, and disiplin and become a singular being united with the everlasting conciseness while still in a flash.

The religious attempt to consolidate Shiva and Vishnu in one religion presents many problems and a lot of teeth grinding that doesn't exist in the actual practice and aim of that practice.

For example, Hata Yoga to Shavaits is one technic to gain physical power, siddhis, and fitness.

For the Visnuvites, a means to an Ascend.

Shiva tantra is a way to attain power over Kali, the entangler of Man in lustful sex, then over "Mahakali," which is the Void, and time itself.

For Kali, Tantra is a way to control Shiva and use him as a power source and pillar of stability to avoid losing her sanity and form.

‘Maha Purushas’ Mahakali and Mahakal(Shiva) are beyond conceptualization.

Although Shiva loves his followers and bestows the gifts of power for their practices, in any form or mood, Shiva is not interested in others, much less in being a liberator, and is an adversary to non.

Kali will throw you into madness and drain you of will not support, construct or assist you in liberation.

As a man, you make battle with Kali in many ways to gain power by trapping her and molding her into something your psyche can handle.

In this process, you follow Shiva and seek to become an Ishwar, a pillar of force. Shiva is also the ‘Maheshwar,’ the pillar of the universe. This self-existing being achieved transcendence over "Mahakali" through rigorous practice, the self forging of the will, and alot of tantric sex.

In no way does a draconian sorcerer aim to become a Lucifer or battle Lilith into submission.

Unlike the aggressive, destructive Kali, Lilith can be harsh, but she is caring and constructive down the road.

Like a beautiful self observed woman, Parvati only wants you to give her power through worship but give nothing in return, while Lilith wants worship and energy but will give you much in return.

Unlike Lucifer, whose fire can be called to kindle your inner fire and give guidance, "Shiva" is trite that must be cultivated through rigorous practice. He will not provide you with power or ignite your flame. However, he will grant you protection and boons for your discipline.

As a western born, you must overcome "Yehovah," which is an act of defiance against religious-based imprisonment.

Hance Lucifer is the adversary and bringer of the light (liberation).

As a Hindu born, you can choose to step away from the mechanical system of binding to reincarnation in one go or accept that eventually, you may find your path through that entanglement of the senses to the material world.

Hence Shiva is a prescribed path to overcome the entanglement of sense perception and forge yourself as a singularity that can transcend the Void.

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