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Solipsism and Jungian philosophy

Updated: May 7


Disclaimer: The concept "Archetype" discussed here is different than the concept I personally use in my Magical training.

In no way do I use such a generalization in my personal work.

The subject of higher forces (spirits, deities, and astral beings) is much debated in Occult science. It relates to the interpersonal relationship formed between the sorcerer and the spirits.

An introduction I recommend watching:

My personal way of experiencing and processing spirits encounters is centered around the Kinesthetic/Empathic kinds of sensory acuity combined with visuals which I find less reliable.

It is considerably different from the same spirits' purely visual or auditory experience.

For the most part, I peer into the darkness of the void to identify patterns in the inner planes, then stalk them as they drive people around to understand how they influence everyday reality.

Most magician constructs their adytum and temple as a sealed fortress allowing only a small opening between their temple and other dimensions taking the pure temple priest approach.

In this way, the microcosmic thoughtforms created to hold the current received stay under tight control when connected with the Macrocosmic spirits. It is the safest method.

In contrast, others (like me) want to bring down the vails and experience those spirits and currents to the extent of possession, ecstasy, and self-alignment.

It is an ancient and extreme method to fortify and consolidate the self and must be taken by a practitioner of certain inner disciplines such as Joga, Martial arts, and other warrior-like practices.

I am also a Temple magician, but the difference here is that I go out into places and events that allow strong interference of influences of various kinds to drive and work through the physical vessel, social ergagore, and players.

It means that Interaction and physical encounters are an objective reality which makes the risk factor high.

On the subject of archetypes:

I see no such a thing when it comes to my sphere of experience, which is why I mostly disagree about that subject with soft polytheistic practitioners and Jungian philosophers.

Odin is a wise, cunning strategist/tactics expert, a fine example of the world experiencer and master diviner,

A selfish old bastard for sure (which is understandable in the frame of being a Vikings) and a very intricate and complex character.

I perceive Zeus as an incomplete deity who seems to have trouble controlling his id and is restricted by his relationship with his wife into strong monogamy.

Jupiter is a beneficial and benevolent ruler, which is different from Tyr, a warrior who focuses on finding balance in everything.

These deities have actual personalities, they are from different cultures, walking their own path, and roads, leaving Karmatic signatures that can be tracked.

There is a Swedish saying, "different language, a different mind."

Those are not the various aspects of some stripped from meaning, Archetypes of “warrior,” "justice," or "balance," but full characters with their own story, personalities, and traits.

for a magician who values his own personality and self-existence, the discriminative approach holds greater value than generalizing.


There is a trend in the occult world of adopting Carl Jung's theory about archetypes as valid and valuable which I find to be very far from the truth.

First, he was interpreting his dreams and then projecting them in a messianic way on others as if his perception and way of understanding himself were universal and valid to everyone, which is inherently delusional.

The idea that the ‘westerners’ and the western minds are the centers of creation or that deep down, we are all the same is prevalent in this philosophy and completely ruled out by biology.

Each of us carries a unique biological DNA set of sequences that act as a factory setting of who we are and determines the base temperament.

It disregards the existence of other cultures, their unique built, and common perception of how things work.

For example, the claim that Karma is a system of rewards and punishment is a Christian/Judaic idea derived from a belief in a singular jealous and vengeful Godhead. It has nothing to do with the Sanskrit concept of karma, the word's origin.

It takes a highly functional and thought-over concept, crossing aline over it, and replaces it with some other concept from a different school of thought.

A total loss of a beautifully articulate intellectual and practical concept that provides a deeper understanding of what personal responsibility is.

There is no reward, punishment, or any form of divine retribution existing in Hinduism.

Universal symbolism debunked

Does a Swastika to a Jew mean the same as a Swastika to a Hindu to a white supremacist? No!

Another rather funny example of archetype debunked:

For a Hindu, the archetype of a mother is portrayed as a cow, a wolf for the Romans.

A pig stands for wealth in china and filth in Islam.

An Eagle for the Americans stands for freedom, but it symbolizes empirical might and power to oppress in Rome.

I’m sure that tribal people in the Amazon never dream about a four-story house and a basement built on a cave.

In short, Carl Jung's universalism is an invasive, colonialist ideology developed, supported, and maintain to perpetuate arrogant colonialist supremacy.

Offen, you find the idea that spirits and deities are attributed to be mainly psychic entities, a construct of the mind without autonomy. They have no existence beyond a fictional and symbolic archetypical psychological representation.

But can one person contain all the spirits and deities in his mind as the sole creator of all spirits?

If you are the maker of all spirits, please take responsibility for everything and do a better job than “God” tending to the world.

It is a trend to believe that we give name and form to these spirits, which eventually acquire autonomy.

While those are the spirits that give us their names and, for example, in the case of Lucifer, liberate us and give us our autonomy.

Can you explain Subconsciousness as something concrete? Or is it an excuse for vague claims?

For example, how is it related to the brain, and for that matter, is your psych a side effect of your brain or a stand-alone entity/spirit that can withstand physical death?

If so, what is the medium suggested as a vessel, and can spirit have their discarnate vessels and self-existing beyond the human brain?

I'm not saying that the concept of the subconscious is not an excellent development that facilitated the development of many great technics and tools, such as Neuro-linguistic programming.

I'm saying it is better to understand concepts in the functionality they offer, keeping in mind it is different than Jung’s universal unconscious.

In NLP, there is a process called shadowing or modeling.

By modeling/shadowing a role model, It is possible to cultivate similar qualities by adopting and imitating them.

It is valid with spirits and deities but, unfortunately, often leads to a dilution that the person who follows his spiritual role model is it.

By meditating on the Buddha, a practitioner can internally tap into something external and follow his example, which helps to acquire self-compassion. It inspires the will to seek self-liberation from unnecessary suffering (beating yourself up over things).

When someone who practices Africanism worships a particular Orisha, he is creating in himself a version of that same spirit. By not recognizing it as part of himself, he honors it as an entity separate from himself as an autonomous being.

When I download an app to my smartphone (as a microcosmic representation).

It can retain my personal preferences. However, it is always in the frame of software and is not the program sitting on the server that handles all those little apps.

Modeling a spirit is like installing an app, a way of localizing the communication with the program that runs the app.

In this way, I create a microcosmic/inner subjective thoughtform, a model of the thing itself to faculty a link to the macrocosmic/external spirit (My app is linked to the main program that sits in some virtual cloud on actual vessels we call mainframes).

How many personalities and egos can one person handle?

Do you have that much space in your smartphone/brain to hold all those demons, gods, and spirits? Running them in the background while processing the already encumbered world of information, which is our everyday reality?

Are you an expression of all sagas, stories, and characters in every pantheon language and culture? or like me, one person encumbered by his own story? How much electricity (ectoplasm/life force) do you have in you to sustain all of them?

The idea that a spirit is a psychic force inhabiting the personal unconscious/autonomous brain functions with some limited autonomy is delusional as the microcosmic/internal reality is not the macrocosmic/external reality.

Your computer, Windows/Mac OS, is not running the whole World Wide Web.

You can not compress a whole current/influence into one thoughtform or godhead.

The ability to conduit and manipulate a certain current does not make you that.

In the same way, deities and spirits are not the current conduit or expression of it.

as many magicians know, it is dangerous to assume spirits and godheads for a prolonged time. It tends to overshadow the personality and eventually takes over.

An avatar is not the incarnation of a current. It is a conduit, and as powerful as he/she may be, it is limited to the physical vessel.

I am cancer and carry some traits in my personality but am I the constellation?

Furthermore, my smartphone battery can only hold as much power (my bioelectricity) on a low voltage compared with the thermonuclear power of the various currents conduit by high-powered deities.

Your microcosmic/internal representation of Lucifer is not the cosmic Lucifer, nor is he a whole current.

In the process of dying, the brain shuts itself down (there goes the Ego).

If there is already a fortified microcosmic vessel, personal identity can persist beyond. Otherwise, the forces of death, chaos, and destruction will disintegrate it.

It takes years of practice to forge such a vessel, self-identify with it, and bond with it in such a way it is firmly attached.

When my mind meets the mind of another, there can be a beneficial exchange of ideas based on different perceptions of reality or an attempt to take over and imprint the perception of one on another (like in the case of a preacher attempting to convert another person to his faith).

Preaching and overtaking other people's minds provides strong ego gratification and is a way to gain personal power, which I find counterproductive and serves me no purpose.

Spirits have their own agenda and needs, many of them have the same influence on the mind and there are transcendent mystics zealots that keep infiltrating and altering minds in the same way they did incarnate.

As long as a spirit's subjective model is in the premises of the microcosmic mind, it is shaped by personal belief and ideology.

But as soon as you make contact through that personally created thought form with the real macrocosmic spirit, It will prove a disaster to have it incompatible with the external spirit.

The psychic friction can blow you a fuse (literally cause brain damage).

Try to tell Datura (a power plant) that she is a part of your unconscious or the Jungian collective unconscious when she consumes and possesses you.

If this is understood, we can also know that the conflicts of our subjective reality, our sphere of experimentation where we participate in our routine, are all concerns of our work, friends, family, partners, inner conflicts, desires, thoughts, everything that constitutes our subjective reality is a reflection of everything that is stored within our unconscious physically.

That is only true to the immediate inner subjective reality of the person, not the masses' common reality.

The idea of ​​solipsism is the delusional belief that one person (the solipsist) is the sole creator of everything there is, which is ridiculous as one person can not even know the whole world and conceive every culture that is out there.

There are always things beyond the scope of personal application of LBM or GBM that can overpower one’s own will and ability to manifest his/her Wishes/Desires.

When the same psychological pattern is repeated repeatedly, our psyche and persona express what we cannot solve or cannot realize about ourselves.

That is why people go to a psychotherapist to get it reflected and understood with the help of another person that can see those patterns from an external point of view and shed light on them.

You can work up the scale of a multinational corporation, binding and aligning your mind to the corporate group mind and become an executive, with the power to boss people around, which is a power you gain from outside of yourself by modeling yourself to it.

Believing that subconsciously you created that corporation is delusional.

You can build a business, even a corporation, but that is also a structure that requires many people to manifest and will not collapse when you'll retire or be influenced by your subconscious ideas over that of the new CEO and Board.

The sorcerer scales up in power in the spirit realm and gains might.

Likewise, a sorcerer working on his system will need external spirits to work with him.

It is well documented that once true gnosis happens, as in a macrocosmic exposure of the psyche, all shit hits the fan, and you are nothing more than a piece of wood drifting in a mighty ocean with only your preparatory work to hold you.

I do not share the same spiritual or biological roots, life, death, ego structure, or psychological buildup with a Hindu born and, as such, have a limited capacity to advance in their mystical and magical system. Likewise, I do not share the same “universal” representation system with such others or believe that we are somehow a part of a greater collective unconscious, a worldwide hugging, snuggling humanity. More than that, it contradicts all the practical evidence I collected during my 12 years of traveling worldwide.

Being a part of a collective was never my experience. On the contrary, as an individual with my perception of the world, I resent and reject all attempts to assimilate me into a greater or lesser collective (national, religious, intellectual, political, or spiritual).

Having such an identity is inevitable but stays as an outside activity, not an inner reality.

There is no one humanity or one collective to be found, not even in deep samadhi.

It is an ocean of currents competing over resources and often conflicting in many ways.

Monotheism and the afterlife of monotheistic religion conflict with polytheism. The reincarnation system is inherently different from that of an eternal heaven/Hell or the Egyptian and Greek eternal imprisonment in the underworld.

To believe yourself to be already enlightened or a living god that needs only to accept or realize it is pure laziness.

For example, you can believe the psychological ‘warrior’ archetype in you and convince yourself that it is you or a part of you, but to be a disciplined warrior or a martial artist takes years of practice.

As one who got his Polytheistic education in India, I often find it frustrating to talk to and read material from Soft Polytheistics and Jungian philosophers. I feel it sterilizes the gods and goddesses of the entwined beauty expressed through different stories, Poems, and ways of interaction, mashing them into a tasteless grey portage referred to as "archetypes." The approach of working with spirits and deities as if "You" as one person contain all of those personalities, traits, and expressions when in fact, "You" in reality have not even one Saga or a worthwhile story to tell is lame. The dualistic approach is even worse and gravely un-updated as surly alongside the great ultimate Feminine universal expression and great ultimate masculine expression of the universe. There is also the tremendous transexual non-binary expression of the universe? ;-).

The practical use of the concept “Archetype” is to keep it an intellectual abstract idea and a way to do a wide preliminary scan, not the inclusion of spirits to meaningless, confused, obscure, and one-sided.

Use them as headlines, not the fine print, as a short summary of a vast subject and discriminate on every step.

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