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On the path of Yehoshua

Updated: May 17, 2023

I received a message from the spirit world stating that Yeshua, a man known historically as Jesus, is

no longer a threat. I saw an image of Yeshua, showing him with a deep olive tan and three Roman-style pillar heads carved out of Jerusalem stone stacked by his side. These pillar heads represented the mental fortitude of a Judaic Siddha compared to the Hindu Siddhas I encountered during my training in India. This information, obtained through research and confirmed by astral records and my Judaic heritage, demonstrates that Jesus was an actual Judaic Siddha. The image and data appear in Jerusalem's astral journals and in my Judaic heritage's collective memory.

During my training in India with Hindu mystics, I realized that they needed a mold for me to follow as a model because of my different ethnicity. The Chela-Guru system requires the student to be molded in the image of their guru or one of the existing frames in their Akhara, a school or barracks with a long history. My Akhara is the oldest and largest in India, dating back a thousand years. Because of this, I had to "reverse engineer" a mold based on my native tradition by examining the heavenly records of Jerusalem and ultimately learning more about Yeshua and his death on the cross. I believe that the message from the spirit world means that the quantum superstate that Jesus was trapped in during his Crucifixion has collapsed, and he has been reconciled within the frame of the Shechinah.

During a heavenly encounter, I saw an angelic-looking saint radiating neon white and wearing a blue robe. A glowing yellow aura surrounded his head. After some time, the image vanished and was replaced by a ghostly grey mist with a lousy feeling attached to me on the right. I pushed the fog away and saw a man's face briefly appear before the smoke turned Netherlandish green. From this encounter, I concluded that the angelic saintly image and the litch (evil ghost or spirit) were two sides of the same person. This encounter was just one of many exciting findings suggesting that Christ and the Antichrist are of the same origin.


"Christian mystics who sought enlightenment through suffering inflicted great pain on their emotional and physical bodies and rejected their humanity. As they reached the point of Crucifixion, their mental bodies could no longer cope with the pain and began to break down. Psychiatry refers to this state as Psychosis or hypomania, an extremely blissful but physically demanding state that can cause brain cells to be burned at an accelerated rate. As the mental body disintegrates, the spiritual body separates and ascends to a higher state of existence. In contrast, the suppressed emotional body takes on a deformed form, trapped in perpetual suffering. This creates a split between the Christ and the Antichrist within the individual, with the "higher" spiritual body remaining connected to the "lower" emotional body or animalistic self. If done correctly, the ascetic's physical body will die; if not, the personality will be destroyed, and only an empty shell will remain. This form of mysticism often ends in sacrificing the emotional and physical bodies to fuel the spiritual body's ascension. This enables the ascetic to continue drawing life from believers who have been brainwashed to be receptive to such radiant figures. It allows the spirit to continue orbiting the point of death without collapsing under the weight of remaining karmic residue. Capturing, treating, and absorbing the emotional body of the ascetic can safely remove the etheric residue and cut the spirit's connection to its power source, ultimately leading to its dissipation."

As a Judaic Siddha, my ancestral Karma was to clear the road of Christ's deluded and broken followers. This was a necessary part of the path to transcending, and I invested several years and went to great lengths to achieve it. To gather the required information, I had to endure my own "via dolorosa" and encounter many malicious spirits I had to deal with. However, this allowed me to gain cheerful Karma, knowledge, and practical skills for handling lower entities.

It is important to note that, as a Judaic-Sadhu, it was also my duty to clear the trail left by my predecessor and ensure that any remaining karmic residue was reconciled.

In my conclusion, Yeshua did not use self-inflicted torture as a spiritual practice and should not be held responsible for such practices in his name. However, he did use his suffering as fuel to "solve the world's suffering" by accessing the Jehovic power reservoir and converting it into a healing force while also absorbing the suffering of humanity through the Schina. Unfortunately, this two-sided practice, well-known among compassion practitioners and healers, can sometimes leave an unattended shadow self.

By using his suffering to "solve the world's suffering," Yeshua triggered the Hindu system's self-defense mechanism (something that also happened to me on a lesser scale). The Hindu system strongly emphasizes personal responsibility for one's actions and the lessons that must be learned over many incarnations to balance one's karmic "bank account." This balance must be achieved before being granted the freedom of moksha or the release from the cycle of reincarnation.

In simpler terms, Yeshua attempted to confront a powerful and complex magical system and failed. His spirit became trapped in a super quantum state, hovering on the threshold, and his mental body would crumble under immense pressure, resulting in the formula of suffering for healing. Creating even a tiny amount of compassion takes much suffering, which is a poor exchange rate. Practitioners of Christian mysticism have tried to recreate these conditions to pass beyond the cross, causing even more suffering in the process.

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