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On the path of Yehoshua

Updated: Apr 21

A transmission came from the spirit world stating 'he is no longer a threat'.

To my right appeared an image of a Mediterranean man with a deep olive tan.

Is I've been told that was the mythological-Historical Yeshua as he appeared during his life prior to the Crucifix.

By his side, and stacked on top of each other, where three Roman-style pillar heads carved out of Jerusalem stone.

It represented the measurement of the mental fortitude of a Judaic-Siddha (By comparison to the Mental wight of the Hindu-Siddhas I meet during my time in India).

Obtaining this knowledge regarding the mental weighed & fortitude concludes a long period of excavations into that issue and confirmed that the mythological-historical figure later known as Jesus, was indeed an actual Judaic-Siddha.

Furthermore, it appears in the Astral records of Jerusalem and in my Judaic heritage collective memory.

At some point during my training in India, I realized that the Hindu Mystics had no ready-made mold for me to use as a model nor did they possess the knowledge of how to create such a personalized mold for me being of a different ethnicity.

The Chela-Guru system of training demands that the student will be made in the image of his Guru, or in my case any of the many existing frames existing in my Akhara (barracks/school).

It is the biggest and longest-standing Akhara in India stretching a thousand -years back.

In light of that, I had to ‘reverse engineer’ such a mold from my native tradition by scrying the Astral records of Jerusalem which eventually led me to Yeshua right up to his untimely death on the Cross.

I believe that the transmission means that the Quantum superstate he was trapped in (Crucifix) collapsed and have been reconciled within the frame of the Shechinah.

One example an Astral encounter with a Christian mystic:

An angelic-looking saint radiating neon white, wearing a blue robe, his head engulfed by glowing yellow aura.

After a while it vanished, leaving a grey ghostly mist with a menacing feeling to it latching at my right.

Upon pushing it out, the face of a man briefly peaked out and the mist turned Netherlandish green.

My conclusion was that the angelic saintly image and the litch are the two sides of the same person.

The encounter mentioned above marked only one of many interesting findings of a Christian Mystic from beyond the Crucifix revealing that the Christ/Antichrist is of the same origin.


In their quest for ascendency Christian mystics who were deluded to follow the path of suffering inflicted an enormous amount of pain on their emotional and physical body, in addition to rejecting every aspect of their humanity.

Upon arriving at the point of Crucifix, the mental body was no longer able to suppress the pain and begins to disintegrate.

Psychiatry term this state as Psychosis or hypomanic state, extremely blissful yet so physically demanding that it actually burns brain cells in an accelerated rate.

As the mental body disintegrates the spiritual body detaches and raises up the astral gaining a higher state of existence’ while the emotional body which has been pushed down & suppressed, takes off a deformed form locked in perpetual suffering & anguish.

It creates a split Christ/Antichrist state of existence as the ‘Higher’ spiritual body remains linked to the ‘Lower’ emotional body/animalistic self.

If done correctly, life leaves the starved, exhausted & burned-out physical body.

If not the personality would be torn apart leaving an empty shell, a shadow of a person.

This particular form of mysticism seems to always end with the same result, as the practitioner emotional & physical bodies are intentionally being ‘sacrificed’ in order to fuel the ascension of the spiritual body.

This build-up enables the ascetic to keep on drawing life from the planetary sphere by latching to innocent believers who have been religiously indoctrinated to open themselves to such radian looking apparitions.

It enables the spirit to keep revolving as a satellite orbiting the point of death without collapsing due to the weight of the remaining karmic residue.

Capturing, retrieving & treating the emotional body of the ascetic enables safe absorption of the etheric residue and effectively cut’s the menacing spirit connection to its source of power, ultimately resulting in its dissipation.

As a Judaic-Siddha the task of clearing the road of those deluded and broken practitioners was a necessary part of the path out.

I have gone to great lengths and invested several years in order to achieve it.

As in order to retrieve the necessary information I had to traverse the ‘via dolorosa’ bearing my own Cross, and encountered a great number of those malicious spirits which I had to tackle and deal with.

Gaining a lot of positive karma, knowledge and practical skills of how to handle such lower entities.

It is important to note that as a Judaic-Sahdu it fell on my shoulders to clear the trail my predecessor left and in that to make sure his remaining karmic residue be reconciled.

My conclusion is that Yeshua himself wasn't applying self-inflicted torture as a spiritual practice and thus is not liable for such practices done in his name.

However he spliced himself to one side as an endless source of healing and to the other as an avenging force.

Although the whole unfortunate event of the Crucifix was a political setup, on the cross he (having messianic attitude) became convinced that he should use his personal suffering as fuel to ‘solve the world suffering’.

Accessing the Jehovic power reservoir converting it to a healing force while absorbing the suffering of humanity through the Sechina.

this two side practice is a well-known practice among compassion-practitioners and healers leaving an unattended shadow self.

Doing that he triggered the Hindu system self-defense mechanism (it happened to me as well though on a lesser scale).

The Hindu system relies heavily on the principle of personal liability to one's own action(Karma) and life long lessons which often stretched over countless incarnations.

Every person owns his Karmic ‘Bank account’ and has to learn how to balance it until (to use the Egyptian term) ‘his heart is as light as a feather’.

He must do so before the passage to the higher realms is granted, the moksha, freedom of the cycle of reincarnation.

Plainly speaking, he went heads on with an immensely powerful and complex magical system and broke.

His spirit got trapped in a super Quantic state hanging there on the threshold.

His mental body and will crumble under that immense pressure creating the terrible formula of suffering for healing.

In reality, It takes loads of suffering to make one little drop of compassion which is a lousy exchange rate.

The practitioners of Christian mysticism merely tried to recreate those conditions in order to pass beyond the Cross and in that inflicting even more suffering.

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