About me

From an early age, I was drawn to the Occult and hidden, understanding that there is more to human existence than the mechanistic narrative society would have me believe.

Resenting that disempowering dogma, I long to break free of those shackles and grow to be a self-empowered, free-thinking, self-existing individual.

Enrolling to a mystery school called the ‘Servants Of the Light’ was a good starting point.

It was a five years program providing all the necessary introductions to magical practices.

Pathworking, active meditations, archetypes,  concepts, and magick theory, Kabbalah, and Ritual work.

As a direct lineage to Dion fortune branching from the hermetic order of the Golden Dawn, the S.O.L is Right-Hand Path, emphasizing service to the light and subjugation to the divine source.

Educational and eye-opening as it was, key elements were missing from the S.O.L program. The idea of subjugating myself to some divine authority was never my intention, so I eventually moved on.


Cycling along the ‘new age’ movement was like a buffet mixing various styles, techniques, and teaching to one plate.

Earth cultures, native American teaching, Hippies, lightworkers, healers, Tibetan Buddhists, Zen practitioners, yogis, and various other teachings offered as easily digestible fast food falsely promoted as the real thing with no string attached.

Traveling around the world with a backpack and a tent, the unanswered yearning for freedom and self-empowerment kept me motivated until I eventually landed in the Maha Kumbha Mela.

The oldest and most significant gathering of mystics, sorcerers, and practitioners in the world, Kumbamela, is a festival of colors and sounds, scents and sights worth traveling to.

On the holy Ganges bank, I found a living breathing culture of mystics, sorcerers, and spiritual practitioners wholly dedicated to their freedom and discipline.


Becoming immersed in Hindu mysticism’s teaching and practice along the path of ‘Lord Shiva’ the personification of rebelliousness, destruction, will, self-existence, and consciousness.

I dedicated the next nine years of my life to the warrior path and became a Sadhu. 

The formality of western education, weekend workshops, and new-age retreats gave way to the informal umbrella of the ‘Juna Akhara,’ an ancient barracks with over 250,000 Naga baba Sadhus sitting all over North India in temples, ashrams, shrines, and outposts.

Naga baba Joga emphasizes the cultivation of discipline, mental empowerment, willpower, and unweaving consciousness.

Nagas reject the comfort of the illusionary order and embracing the chaotic, destructive nature of reality, and aim to become an ’Ishwar,’ a pillar of stability amid chaos.

The practice is rigorous, employing mantra magic, Dhuini (fire pit) worship, heavy-duty meditation, and secret teaching.

I also had the opportunity to experience and practice Tantra-Joga, an extreme form of Left-hand path known as ‘Agora’, whose goal is to unify the self with ‘Kali’ the female personification of primordial darkness. 

Eventually, they invited me to take full admission, which required vows of extreme celebrity and renunciation. 

After much consideration, I realized that achieving freedom from the world by rejecting it is different from achieving freedom by mastering it.

Both paths require self-mastery, formidable will power, and attainment of ‘Ishwara’ (self exists in the chaos).


Guided by Lord Anubis, I enrolled in a three-year course in a mystery school called ‘Helios school of Esoteric science,’ which, as daughter school of the S.O.L, teaches Magick along the lines of Dion Fortune in an engaging and modern format.

Combining the mainstream Occult RHP with Neuro-Linguistic programming adds a necessary dimension of self-development and goal-oriented ‘do as you will’ approach.

The ‘path of the adapt’ first-degree course was excellent. It landed me by the gates of the Magick world university of life armed with all the necessary education to choose my path, which Is the Draconian- Qliphotic LHP sorcery, otherwise known as the Nightside of Kabbalah.

Currently, I'm an active member of the 'Temple of ascending flame.’