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Almog’s Occult background


From an early age, I was drawn to the Occult, feeling that there must be more to human existence than the mechanistic narrative society would have me believe.

Resenting that disempowering mentality, I wanted to break those shackles and be a self-empowered, free-thinking, self-existing individual.


Enrolling in a course by an RHP mystery school called the ‘Servants Of the Light’ was a good starting point.

I completed about half of the five-year program and then realized that it would not take me further.

I did acquire a basic set of tools such as pathworking, Occult meditation, introduction to magic, the tree of life, and high ceremonial temple work before moving on.


There was a yearning to find a more demanding and self-empowering training that would enable me to build heavy astral and mental muscle, fortify my will, and lead me out of the mainstream matrix into something extraordinary.

Eventually, I became immersed in the study and practice of Hindu mysticism along the path of Lord Shiva via the ‘Juna Akhara’ school, where I was mentored and trained to become a Naga Baba (Sadhu).

Sadhuisim emphasizes self-empowerment and the individual journey towards liberation (Mukesh).

It involved the rigorous practice of J'oga (not yoga), which is a heavy-duty set of methods, Meditations, Mantras, and fire keeping. 

I also had the opportunity to experience and train in an extreme form of Tantric-Jogic path known as ‘Agora’ along the path of the dark goddess Kali and achieve the Durga power of kundalini. 


After eight years of rigorous practice, I became one of the rare Westerners to become a Sadhu (accomplished practitioner) and was invited to take admission into the Akhara, which required vows of extreme renunciation and rejection of the mundane world.  

As my destination is not one of renunciation (quite the opposite), I turned back greatly enriched and came back to Western Mysticism and Magic. 


Guided by Anubis, I enrolled in a course at a Western mystery school called ‘Helios school of Esoteric science’ and graduated with the ‘Path of the adapt’ first-degree course.

Following that, the school's headmaster decided I was ‘too dark,’ so our ways parted.

It came as a great relief, and although Anubis had instructed me to go through with the course, both Set and Anubis were very clear about ending any further formal training by the dayside schools. 

At that point, I had been working with the Egyptian gods for a long time. 


The subjects of the course and daily practices include:

Occult meditations.


LBRP, Qabalistic Cross, and the Middle Pillar exercise.

Advance Tarot (meaning, symbolism, divination, pathworking). 

Understanding and conducting solitary Magic rituals (Archangels, Elemental kings, Tarot magic, and invocation of GodForms/Archetypes.

Working with Archetypes on self-development and Magical psychology. 

Practical Kabbalah (The four worlds, Tree of life, Tarot attribution, Astrological attribution, Hebrew alphabet, extensive pathworking).


I am also:

'Associate practitioner of NLP (ABNLP)'

Tantra practitioner (sacred sexuality, sexual empowerment, holistic approach to sexuality).

Energy worker (Qi gong, energy Kundalini manipulation, Ki-me).

Black belt martial artist (Shotokan Karate-do).

Advance  Mindfulness and Insight meditator.

Theta Healer.


My initiatory work along the lines of the Kabbahalistic 'Tree of Life' brought me to the Sefira of Da’at and the Abyss, where the dark side and the light side of the Tree converge.

It concluded my training along the lines of the RHP and placed me in an excellent opening position to pursue self-mastery on the path of the nightside.

I completed the course of initiation of the tree of dayside and set on the path of the nightside along the lines of 'The tree of the nightside. '

I got through the 12 weeks preliminary's of "The Temple Of Ascending Flame," whose prominent patrons are the couple Lucifer-Lilith and was initiated to Lilith then to Lucifer as a member of the temple.

As the temple provides broad access to many other spirits of the night, it allows and encourages all forms of independent work. 

I continued developing through ToAF with two and a half years of various open and inner temple projects, mainly focusing my work along the tree of the nightside.   


Investing in self-development and deep shadow work is an inseparable part of my path to self-exaltation, which is neccery to achieve progress.


The occult is the pillar of my life and, as such, is not a side occupation but a lifelong path about self-empowerment, individuality, freedom, and personal will.

It led me to the nightside and the Qlipothic realm, and I found myself guided into deeper and darker aspects of practice, such as demonology, sorcery, and necromancy. 



Almog Yarden

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