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The formation of the nightside

Part 2

With the impending danger of being cast out of the people's minds, being left without any possibility to sustain themself and eventually consumed by Jehova.

Spirits who never were into cooperation or doing any work to benefit humanity had to reevaluate their position. 

Being an external discarnate (astral) being of various orders, they needed a protected space to maintain and sustain them.

They were pushed to the corner and had to join in to ensure their security and continuation.

The western occult circles are influenced by new-age ideas such as free energy, unlimited resources, and the idea that ‘all is one.’

It is difficult to understand that the astral is a vicious place where countless thoughtforms struggle to maintain themself.

Thoughtforms consume other thoughtforms; deities and Egragors have been ingesting other deities and egregores.

Power is pillaged by the people who conquered the previous people, and in that way, their gods consumed the power from the earlier gods.


In a certain level of existence, the Solomonic temple who predated the Jehovic nest persisted (still is) against the attempts to penetrate it.

A powerful binding was made at that level through Solomonic technology dictating strict unrestricted service to humankind, aka the Goetic continuum, in return for safety and sustainment.

Only spirits who had enough affinity with the human midbrain (emotional life) were admitted while others rejected.

The binding process transmuted those spirits adapting them to the goetic continuum and Solomonic metaphysics, virtually remolding them into a new order of beings.


The binding and Goetic continuum persists to this day, and even though it is little known, real Kabbalists, as opposed to the new age brand, use Solomonic occult technology to this day.

Lately, new additions to the goetic continuum signify that it has been reopened through the work of Christian magician who tapped into that dimension which enabled the extantion of it through the mind of the people. My research indicates that it has also been restructured to reflect the metaphysical reality changes that occurred since then.

Sufficient to say that before they were bonded now they are in a semi confined state.

Each of the Goetic spirits bears a seal, a mental construct, a personal fixed reference point stabilizing and sustaining them.


The call was made, and powerful spirits such as Asmodeus, who is originally Persian and had plenty of experience with Zarathustrian technology, heeded the call.

At a much deeper level from that of the Goetia, resonating with the reptilian part of the brain, another binding was made in preparation for the coming events.

It was made in such a dense level and with such powerful technology that only the mightiest spirits could withstand it.

At the core of the temple mount(kind of) between Mesopotamia and Egypt, where Europe, Africa, and Asia come together (you can google maps it).

In the deepest level of the mount, there is a fixed point, a Tesseract, also known as the ‘Bellybutton of the world,’ which resonates with the oldest layer of the human brain and serves as a coordinate and gateway for singularities from other universes.

The Demonic binding was made with a ‘do as you will’ attitude.

In this way, with the tesseract’s power, they could now maintain their proto dimensions (which they couldn't before) while keeping a fixed point and operate in the lowest functions of the human mind safe from the Jahovic continuum and free.

Some of them took on Gothic Avatars and later angelic avatars to work through at higher levels.

Draconian (singularities) entities who were not previously involved as deities or earthbound spirits were called to join.

Lucifer and Lucifuge arrived through the tesseract from very similar but different singularities.

Using his knowledge, Lucifuge enhanced the goetic continuum infrastructure, organizing it into what we know today to be the ‘Goetia game’, and although he can operate from there he is more then a Goetia.

Lucifer arrived like a comment catapulting through the tesseract directly into the Jahovic continuum hacking through and taking hold of as many resources as he could.

To make a long story short, he created a powerful Avatar, hacker through the perfect hive code by inserting the free will and diobidiance, converted a bunch of angels, and was rejected from the primary system to the ‘quarantine space’ by an officer of the system known to us as Archangel Michael.

Archangel Gabriel, who is also an officer of the system, allowed Lucifer free passage from the ‘quarantine’ into the ‘null function.’ or hell.

Besides a footnote prediction made of his arrival, in no way, Lucifer is mentioned before that in the pre-Christian scriptures.

The ‘fallen’ space in the continuum formed.

In the Neocortex, the null function is the part of the brain that gets fried by bliss, which is the same pleasure space stimulated by heroin and porn.

A side effect of stimulating this part (like jerking off) is absentmindedness, and as many men know,alsdo the vanity that comes after sex.

Lucifer’s angelic form (avatar) maintained limited access to the human brain's higher functions. However, invoking Archangel Michael will always banish him back to his dark space.

If you ever wonder why now you know.

However, it is wise to remember he is not his avatar and is a much higher being.

The path he created runs down from the ‘null space’ to the reptilian brain (the deepest hell).

Through his work and Archangel Gabriel, the other demons created their avatars in the Jahovic continuum. Simultaneously, Samael, an important archdemon and an archangelic officer of the system, reached the tesseract and got his binding and by that securing himself in hell.

The breach into the Jahovic continuum achieved very early in the war created a rift in the human consciousness we call the microcosmic Da’at a loophole out of the jehovic system.

Thanks to Lucifer, Jehova’s perfect hold of the human mind cracked.

Iad Balat, whose embodiment is the ‘Enochian,’ is another singularity appearing much later through Johan Dee’s mind in the 16th century. 

His system is Pseudo-insectoid, which makes it highly mathematical, pattern-based, and structured. 

He is working with the higher functions downwards and is not less telepathic and addictive than any other insectoid based entity.

His angels are faster than the Jehovic angels but being relatively new, they are less comfortable for the human mind to process and work with.

His point and time of entry are critical and significantly affected the world's history as the weak, poor England burst into a world-embracing empire spreading English everywhere under Enochian influence.

For that reason, English is interlinked with Enochian and divine magic.


From the appearance of the Enochian and the end of the Catholic church monopoly in the 16th Century CE., which loosen the hold of the Jahovic continuum on the mind of the people.

It took 400 years and loads of investment to elevate humanity’s physical conditions and intellectual capabilities to facilitate the requirements of wealth, comfort, electronic entertainment, and computers we live in. 

With economic globalization, aviation, and religious freedom brought the Jahovic continuum to its weakest point ever.

Since the human subconscious already internalized the new conditions, the current struggle is not about destroying the Jehovic continuum, rather about taking hold of it.

Food for thought, who were the investors facilitating the modern age?


The Demonic world is a decentralized military like construct. 

There is no governing political body, and each of the Archdemons/kings/officers is free within the system to operate as they see fit.

Another important noticement is that the Jehovistic continuum could only go viral after consuming the power storage from the temple mount (above the Solomonic level), which means that the nightsiders are much older.

The Qliphotic roots are within the womb of the mother dragon of the Void ‘Tiamat’ who’s child Leviatan guards as the prime residing demon.

Others reside in Tiamat’s womb, and countless such entropic spirits exist outside of her.

From the perspective of Kabbalah’s nightside, it is irrelevant to look beyond her womb as it is within her womb that the alchemy happens but from a draconian point of view it is.

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