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Draconian sorcery


{Although the bulk of my knowledge and method of practice for this path comes from The Temple of Ascending Flame, there are some variations in the terminology and metaphysics I use in my approach to the draconian path.

For example, I prefer the term ‘Tree of the nightside’ over the generally used ‘Tree of Qliphoth’ or ‘Tree of death’ and the word ‘Nightside’ over the Kabalistic term ‘Sitra Achra’ (Aramaic for ‘the other side’)}.


Draconian path focuses on the current primordial form beyond the Qliphothic tree, whose ground is Tiamat (Hebrew: Tehom), the mother Dragon of the void from the Mesopotamian magical tradition (Leviatan in the temple).

The main gods of the Draconian path are Lucifer, Emperor of the nightside as the liberator and bearer of the black flame, and Lilith, Queen of the nightside, the initiatrix to the first Qliphah and the main Shakti Kundalini (bestowed of personal power).

Combined as a couple integrating the female and masculine current of the Qliphoth, they unite to form a mighty, well-balanced pillar of force that flows through the ‘Tree of the nightside.’


As an embarking point for Draconian sorcery, I highly recommend starting with The Qliphotic trilogy books by Asenath Mason, which includes Qliphotic meditations, Qliphotic invocation & evocation, and tunnel of Set.

The reason is that the ‘Tree of the nightside’ stands at the core of the Draconian Path and is both the map and the way to liberation from the Jehovic continuum and to becoming a powerful sorcerer.    

It is wise to remember that Lucifer is not your savior, nor is he the Antichrist.

Lucifer is an Elder Draconian God who predates the Jahovic continuum. Sometimes but not always, he uses a fallen angel’s mask to impersonate the rebellious principle of disobedience towards Jehovic oppression, which is a maxim of the LHP.

Like any other left-hand path, the Draconian path is not easy, convenient, or safe to practice, which is to say you must be serious about practicing it.

The dark current and forces involved are high voltage, which makes dabbling, not an option. Please do your first initiation through a professional. 

I highly recommend choosing Lilith as your initiatrix to the path, which you can do either by yourself through self-initiation or better through Asenath mason.

She is a very experienced sorceress priestess and deeply connected with Lilith.


Draconian sorcery is a transcendent path beyond the limiting human existence within the Jehovistic continuum achieved by working with the nightside forces.

It is a path of awakening, transmuting, and transforming from a mortal to a demigod, from enslavement to mastery.

The alchemical process relies on Lucifer’s black flame’s liberating agent and his consort Lilith’s kundalini, the nightside main Gods.

Much as the Kabbalistic ‘ Tree of life represents the dayside. So, likewise, the nightside is represented by the ‘Tree of the nightside,’ also known as the tree of Qliphoth or the ‘Tree of death.’     

It prepares the body, mind, and soul for the amount of power and knowledge experienced and accumulated during the work with these primordial forces.

You are transmuting the inner self through the alchemy of the Qliphotic tree and transforming it into a black diamond to withstand the mother dragon’s womb's harsh conditions.

Power is a critical element in the Draconian path, and as you grow in power, your reality changes to reflect it.


Draconian sorcerers work to become aligned with the Draconian current by coming in contact with the nightside's Demons, Gods, and Spirits. 

Through igniting the black flame within and kindling it, consciousness expands, and self-empowerment becomes possible.

Self-empowerment comes as the physical and astral bodies gradually become attuned to the nightside’s current, and so does the ability to harness the power intensified.

It is a challenging path, filled with fascinating dark and demonic forces.

It exposes the practitioner's deep fears, guilt, shame, and sexual repression with which he would have to come to terms.

There is no place in the sorcerer’s psyche for any obstructions, as there must be an unyielding craving and desire for the nightside and no hindrance to accumulating power.

Without deep shadow work, there can be no progress, which demands ‘brutal honesty.’

Lucifer, as the liberator, is the beacon shining his black flame from beyond the Jehovic continuum for the sorcerer to follow.


Through Lucifer’s black flame and the grace of Lilith, the inner self becomes a Black diamond, a self-existing vessel able to withstand the Void’s entropy and chaos unshielded.   

Dark Goddesses such as Lilith, queen of the nightside; Na’amah, the enticer; Hecate, the witch goddess, and Arachne, goddess of the underworld, are contacted and worked with.

The nightsider embrace and rever them as a source of knowledge, nourishment, and guidance along the path.

They have the power to bestow beautiful gifts on the dedicated practitioner, which they do.       

The Qliphotic tree is thoroughly explored and integrated into the subconscious. Nightsiders invoke Goetic spirits to facilitate the fulfillment of every desire for knowledge and advice.


The Path of the Dragon will open gateways to dimensions of chaos and entropy and give you the practice to adapt to that but mind you, once opened, these gateways will be forever linked to your soul.

The draconian Path is individual and unfolds differently for each practitioner. The dark gods and goddesses of the nightside have supported humanity for millenniums and will shape the path based on who you are and according to their needs.

Draconian Gods and Spirits are our allies and guides on the Path. They reveal and open the Gates, tunnels, and realms of the nightside so that practitioners can transcend from a human to a demigod.

The Dragon of the Void is Leviathan, the Primal Serpent coiled around the manifested Universe, holding it in his ouroboros embrace.

(Being a native Hebrew speaker, I understand Leviatan as a male).

Leviathan exists inside the Womb of the mother dragon Tiamat, the personification of the primordial void in which the manifested universe exists.

Other creatures inhibiting the void exist aside from Tiamat. Some, such as Lucifer, manifested lesser forms of themselves inside the primordial serpent’s confined space, while others only send tentacles or works through agents.

Working with Lilith and Lucifer through the tree of Qlipoth is the way out of the Jehovic continuum into the coiled orobourian embrace of Leviatan inside the womb of his mother, Tiamat. 


Following the Occult principle, "As above so below,": “As Within so Without.”

The tree is a macrocosmic structure that reflects into the microcosmic in both its Day and night aspect.

Man is an image of the cosmos, a creation of both light and darkness, and as such, you must also integrate into your subconscious the Tree of life to become a true master of every aspect of creation.

The LHP circles widely reject this statement, which strikes me as immature and dogmatically Christian.

Practicing reversed Christianity is no less ignorant, dogmatic, and restrictive to the mind.

Besides, both trees are based on Kabalistic metaphysics and have nothing to do with Christianity.

The teaching about the Qliphoth comes from Jewish Kabbalah and Mesopotamian sources. 


To reach safety in the Womb of the Mother Dragon and to void being consumed by the immensity of the Void, you must fortify your inner self by forging the dark diamond in the furnace of the Tree of the nightside by Lucifer’s dark flame.

In the draconian path, it is Lucifer as the initiator who ignites the black flames within.

Following the initiation with Lilith, sparking the dark flame of Lucifer will initiate the Alchemical dark fire necessary to forge the black diamond.

Once the gateways are opened, the Current will flow through your consciousness, enhancing your magical skills and transforming your life (providing you'll do the neccery work)


Forging the black diamond is one of two grand magical operations necessary to exist freely in the Void.

The second is to achieve the divine spark of light from the Jehova continuum.

You will not find the knowledge about the divine spark you will not find in the LHP Canon of books.

It is out of reach for most LHP practitioners and is little known outside of the inner Kabbalistic circles of a particular branch.

The divine spark is a seed of light sent down from the Jehovic continuum to the Qliphothic realm for an enrichment process.

It then returned to the Jehovic continuum to be reabsorbed.

After constructing the body of light through the tree of life, the higher self descends into the ‘not made by hands’ temple with the seed of light and plant it into the heart chakra.

It is the seed that grows to become the soul of the Kabbalist.

As a side note, Kaballah’s soul’s metaphysics has nothing in common with the Christian metaphysics of the soul. 

Once achieved, the spark can infuse the black diamond to create a magnificent vessel for the sorcerer's consciousness, which can withstand the void’s harsh conditions, and since it carries its light source is independent of the darkness.


I do not apologize for rejecting the reversed Christian dogmas; exchanging one prison for another is futile.

To become absorbed into the light or devoured by the primordial’s darkness yields the same result: loss of self..aka enslavement.

Both extremes are not an option; only the alchemy of light and darkness can besaw the power of mobility in the void.

There is a rare way around it, but I wouldn't count on it.

Some sparks of light that get trapped in the Qliphotic realm sought for by demons, and old ones alike, are collected as a source of pure energy that they can but only in sporadic cases do bestow as a gift.       


Draconian Path is a part of the Left-Hand Path tradition, which is, in its essence, solitary and personal.

The Work’s central core is done individually, as a solitary practice working with the nightside currents.

However, there is a significant movement toward cooperation and familiarity, mainly through the internet. 


Being a Draconian sorcerer is about living your life according to the Path. It's not a pass time hobby or a social persona to wear as a feather.

It is about living the Path with a life-long dedication, learning to recognize your

shadow, desires, and the trails the nightsiders put in your way and selfishly use them.

It can be a beautiful spiritual adventure. It is ecstatic, challenging, and inspiring on all possible levels of existence.

Don't fear being self-confident about your Work, but do not mistake self-confidence for self-importance.

Like in any left-hand path, there are traps, and those traps are in you and you only.


Good fortune, and welcome to the nightside.

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