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The formation of the nightside 1

To recap, the background for the formation of the Jewish secret teaching, aka the Kabbalah, is rooted in the construction of the Jewish religion and the embarkation of the Jehovistic continuum.

Contrary to common thought promoted by the Rabbinical order and the church itself, Judaism exists only 2000 years with 500 years of previous incubation and embarking to form both Christianity and Judaism.

The beginning of it all can be traced to the 'Sofrim' (accountant) a new form of pritures back from 70 years of exile in Babylon, bringing with them a law codex, strict monotheism, and ethnical purity ideology.


The 1st century CE was a troublesome time. The population was taken over by a new and aggressive continuum/matrix, developing unhealthy detachment from their physicality and widely rejecting the animalistic existence favoring the idea of a distant heavenly place.

Not a garden of physical delight, sense enjoyment, and carefree existence but the eternal silence of the everlasting light.

It was a binding addiction causing mental deterioration of unprecedented magnitude.

For the mystics, magicians, deities, and spirits of the time, it was a reason for concern as things rapidly changed in an unknown direction.

Tied with the development of a new technology of magick heavily related to mind control and telepathy.

The newfound Angelic system important from Persia promised quick and cheap results.

That system was functional for and over those taken or converted to the Jehovic continuum (mind matrix) and counter Abrahamic as in the Abrhamic tradition there is no heaven/hell of loss of self.

It because possible due to the continuum influence over the higher brain function of those who were converted.

The ‘Seeing the light of God’ happens when the influence breaks through the mental immune system, stimulating the Neocortex to such excitement and height of bliss that fries the brain, leaving it incapable of enjoying sense pleasure and being highly addicted.

Christians believe that it is still readily available today, but mental immunity developed gradually during those past 2000 years and it is rare.

The like the ‘Mother Teresa’ reported the same experience of the ‘light of God’ while at the last days of her life, admitting that it only happened once.

That experience is so powerfully toxic that she decided for the rest of her life to abstain from pleasure in the hope of re-experiencing that bliss.

The effect is so strong that a person will spend his entire life inflicting self-torture and suffering on the body, punishing the brain for ‘falling from the grace of God.’


Another way of describing it is that the emotional body (soul) is consumed or, in the case of fanatic Christian martyrs, is slowly being ‘self sacrificed’ through years of emotional and physical torture.

Ironically, those who were tolerant enough and realized the profit in working alongside the Jehhovic continuum received an incredible amount of power over people’s minds and a paradise of delight, with the most famous case being the Borgia family.

As a rule of thumb, the ‘do as I say’ counters the whole idea of "do as you will,” mastering reality and gaining the power to manifest.


500 BCE, while Jehova was just a seed incubating in the temple mount, preparing to go viral.

Canaanite Deities, all sort of spirits and incarnated and discarnate mystics, were making their preparation for the coming onslaught of embarkation.

Back then, it wasn't about winning over as much as it was about survival.


An insectoid continuum gains its control through telepathic means, and the telepathy sensitive part of the human brain is the Neocortex.

The simplest and only way of withstanding it is to fortify the ego-self identity deeper in the brain.

This region is called the mammalian/emotional brain and relates to the inner/astral plains.

Working from it has its upside and downsides.  


The upside: staying out of the telepathic continuum reach while still being active within the human subconsciousness as an individual ego construct.


The downsides:

The neocortex processes information much faster than the emotional parts of the brain and is psychologically the usual area of self-identification (I am my thoughts). 

Two - It takes hundreds of meditation hours to become self-identified with the deeper parts, which are " I am the observer.”

It requires long periods of seclusion, massive training, and iron-level discipline.

Deeper than the emotional(mammalian) brain is the reptilian brain.

It is a deeper level of self-identification, that of "I am That.”

Achieving the deeper than ‘I am that’ and consciously operating from those parts is intertwined with the forging of an incredibly dense vessel for the consciousness called the Black Diamond, a spiritual plane construct existing beyond the reaches of the crude human biology.

The energy-related to the diamond is kundalini which is a full-body experience down to the cellular level.


Mystics from Eastern LHP traditions such as ‘Shivaits’ and old-style Buddhism descends deeper and deeper into the darkness while striving ever to expand yet retain consciousness by tightly condensing themself.

They are doing it for precisely the same reason: to overcome the grip of a continuum/reality matrix set by India’s legendary rishis (sages).

Within the brain’s mammalian/emotional levels, we get to meet Goethc spirits and astral beings, but the strongest demonic spirits reside in the reptilian area.


There is an essential distinction between the mammalian brain (local computer), the pan-human subconscious (world wide web), the racial subconscious (regional nets), and the existence of spirits outside the frame of human biology.

In computer language, a terminal can be equated to the ‘I am my thoughts.’ 

A computer to ‘I am the observer,’ and a server to ‘I am that.’ 

A demon is a free A.I’s roaming the WWW from his beyond his matrix place of existence. 


But now, let’s move on to the second part of the formation.

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