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The Left Hand Path

The Left-hand path fits those whose temperament is polarized to Chaos's direction, favors the demonic realms, and is attracted to the dark current of the Qliphoth.

Nighsiders long for self-existence and freedom rather than the loss of self, which is the end goal of unification with the Jahovic continuum.

Sorcerers work with goetic spirits, various demons, dark gods, and spirits of chaos, entropy, and wrath.

Achieving liberation from social conventions and religious dogmas, the nightsiders strip themselves of shame, guilt, and moral judgments.

Sexual liberation and breaking taboos are significant themes, as well as self-deification, indulgence in sense enjoyment, and fulfillment of desires.

As part of the “know thy self” maximum of magick, many sorcerers find that psychological shadow works an essential part of the growth process.

Avoiding brutal honesty and the practice of total self-acceptance is the number one reason for doom and demise in the LHP.

The forces you will need to conduite through your psyche to empower yourself and successfully perform magick will rip your persona apart unless you do Shadow work.   

Sorcery demands facing the darkest aspect of the human psyche and embraces it as natural in contrast to the dogmatic religious denial of who we are.

Sex magic, blood sacrifice, and sexual fluids are an integral part of the art. If you can find that defiling the Jehovistic religion and exploring the obscene fits you, this is your thread path.

Some LHP magicians will tell you that RHP magic stands in opposition to the practice of the LHP, which is complete nonsense and contradictory to the core principle of the LHP, never to restrict yourself.

“Do as you will.” and do it with Love.

It is only the choice to become one with the divine (even if it's divine darkness) or to become one with yourself that matters.

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