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What is magick?

Magick has been defined as 'the art and science of manifesting changes in accordance with the will of the practitioner'.
Occult science, magick, or Esoterics is a field of research and practice directly related to the metaphysical mechanism underlying the phenomenon of reality and the power of the mind to affect reality.
It is about self-development, personal growth, achieving desired goals, becoming aware of the spirit realms, and gaining the power to shaping reality itself. 
The current of magick I am practicing is called 'Draconian Magick' a powerful left-hand path considered to be the darkest and deepest current of Magick.
It exposes the deep shadows within and demands the courage to face all the fears, guilt, shame, and unfulfilled desires that are buried in the subconscious.
Its practice facilitates  Individuality, a discriminating mind, and freedom from dogmas.
Aiming to cultivate a godly state of self-existence and empowerment, Draconian magick will rapidly affect inner and outer changes while forwarding spiritual, mental, and emotional maturity.
Draconian sorcerers describe it as a path to becoming a living god, an independent and powerful person able to extend control over his reality and inner faculties.

An important part of magick involves working with discarnate entities, strange dimensions, and forces beyond the scope of normal perception.

More than art and science, it is a spiritual technology.  

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