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The three trials of the ego - II Power

Updated: Nov 8, 2023

Can you handle power?

Only when fear is embraced and doubts about the existence of forces beyond yours are cleared away can you submit yourself to something bigger?

Spiritual Ego

You depleted and settled your mundane ego back to its rightful place, maintaining your everyday affairs and routine life.

The obstacle to being more than you were is gone.

You admit that there is more to reality than you were conditioned to believe and that there are forces more significant than yourself at play.

You are good at temple work and can decently work with the nightside forces.

At first, the dark current can be overwhelming, but you are somewhat aligned by now, which is enough to conduct power.

The rush of it all is more than thrilling; something concerning is directly related to your growing ability to draw on it.

You are no longer a cattle; the power of your mind to manifest the objects of your desire through a personal will is now a reality.

Some may be disappointed because the forces of the night no longer bestow their gifts so freely.

Considering your new manifestation abilities, why would they?

Manifestation through personal effort requires power. Maintaining your life and spiritual growth also requires power. You do the math.

Your will is like a ray from a flashlight; spreading it out will weaken the effect, focus it, and you get a laser-like result.

The greater the charge and durability of the battery, the greater the power of the ray and the longer it can be maintained.

A focused mind saves manifestation power; meditate!

Horde power and feed yourself regularly to fortify your body of darkness.

Ask the nightside forces for power, and practice LBM (Lesser Black magic) to get what you desire and cut on power expenses.

Neuro-linguistic programming and life coaching technology work great.

Learn to be a good manipulator, have clear goals, and use your mind's power to make things happen effectively.

But now the second ego has kicked in, your spiritual ego of self-importance.

It wants to take the helm by making you believe that now you are something big, able to work with dark spirits and get what you crave.

Why would you then need to work so hard for it? Are you now not working with higher forces? Are you not special? Superior?

Maintaining both your mundane and spiritual life is pulling double the weight.

On top of that, everybody around you are ignorant cattle, and as the one-eyed man, you will feel deeply disturbed by them.

As promised, your consciousness expands and awakens, you gain power, you can shift and alter your consciousness at will, and you can manifest objects of desire using the power of your mind.

Being a sorcerer might even become a profession, conducting ceremonies for a fee, providing tarot readings, and other divination services, you can conveniently kill two birds with one stone.

You might gather followers impressed by your show and feel all mighty and aloof.

All you need is to gain power and wretched, lucky you; it's the LHP; there are no inhibitions and many quick gains.

It is all child's play. You are a lap dog in the realm of the nightside, begging, craving for power, an unreliable addict, useless.

Fun facts about dark vampires!

Did you know that when an LHP-oriented manager fires an employee, he can do it in such a way that will break the poor guy's confidence in himself and ravish it for

good old-fashioned corporate style, quick power gain.

Not unlike your average high school bully from the sports team, sucking the life out of those nerdy boys for power and sex!

Being a seriously invested sports fan means that when your home team loses a match, you lose power—the other side gains.

While you were preoccupied with short-term gain, the spiritual ego dug deeper by making you an important professional, gaining admirers and a place on a pedestal.

You are the one-eyed man in the land of the blind, free of many inhibitions and with the power to shape reality.

On the other hand, you are an insecure, drained magician begging the darkness for more, an addict of quick fixes through vampirism, drugs, or fame.

Regular meditation will help you clarify and focus your mind.

NLP can help you learn a good set of Lesser Black Magick skills.

Life coaching can help you become more confident, goal-oriented, and successful.

Use those abilities to fulfill mundane desires while conserving power.

Yoga, Qi gong, or Tantra can help you increase your power-hoarding capacity and become a better conduit.

Will you make it?

You still have to deal with the second ego issue, but at least you're back behind the wheel as a powerful and strong-willed magician.

The second ego is being installed.

Your communication channels are open; you know the spirits of the nightside, and they have become an integral part of your reality and daily life.

You talk to them often, get intuitive messages, and act on them to get what you want.

Will you listen and act if they ask for something from you?

You are fearless and powerful enough to do whatever you want, leaving it entirely up to you to act.

Have you decided to become a bully? Will you swap one dogmatic religion for another or use your Occam's razor to see that the gods of the nightside are more than just wish-fulfillment instruments?

Will you go out of your way on a whim to do something for them? Will you approach a stranger on the street on a whim and tell him something unusual because their thoughts direct you to do so?

It is easy and natural to do when you desire something for yourself.

Will you buy some insignificant nonsense on their recommendation because they want you to be one of those customers they decided to send for that shopkeeper to prove that his wish for more cash flow can be granted? Will you pitch in for more extraordinary things?

Do you have it in you to be an errand boy for them?

One trivial task for them, and as ridiculous as it may feel, one giant leap of understanding for you.

Your first step to becoming a bolt in a system beyond your comprehension a part of the more extraordinary set of events.

It is not as simple as it sounds; your second ego will disagree, and you sometimes feel ridiculous, cheated, and fooled.

Are you brutally honest enough to become an errand boy?

Are you disciplined enough to submit the second Ego to do the work of the nightside?

Will you be able to overcome the second ego, or are you so important and full of yourself that you can refuse to pay back?

Do you want to gain knowledge of how the system works and a place in it?

Fear is no longer a motivator, and most of those objects of desire you have achieved lately are through your power, will, and intuition.

If you fail to pay back in action for the gifts you received and all that investment they made, that will be your downfall, and you will end up as an inflated buffoon.

Does Lilith love you and you alone? Are you as necessary as the forces of the night?

It is a military-structured empire with hordes of legions and an intricate logistical system.

Some are useful as messengers, promoters, emissaries, backstage workers, auteurs, mentors, temple keepers...etc.; whoever you are, there is a fitting place for you.

Can you break through the Jahovic continuum, the social matrix, and make yourself a fool to complete a task?

Fear is nothing to handle compared to the self-importance that comes with power.

This is the trial of the spiritual ego. The way out of becoming a buffoon is to perpetually try to convince the world that you are the most powerful, knowledgeable, and successful person.

Be wise!

Ask them for it, expect it to happen, be one step ahead of your second ego and settle into the system.

Willful cooperation is what they want and need of you, acting as agents in the mundane by sometimes carrying dirty pants, shopping for unnecessary shit, and handing it over to strangers.

Ask them about it.

Some dark souls are sleepers, born of darkness, and need to be reached physically, as they have been surrounded by the forces of Jehovah from birth to prevent them from opening up.

Do you believe in reincarnation? Can you get off that high horse of self-importance and, as advanced as you may think, recognize and respect a fellow nightsider even if it looks like cattle to you?

Staying full of self-importance one of those days, you will make a mistake.

You will vamp, hex, put down, or mislead a sleeper because you are too important and knowledgeable in the eyes of the cowed to pay attention.

The Internet has made it easy to become a professional, an authority; too many clowns out there are making seemingly profit, but that is all a joke.

The nightsiders invested in you, but you have become a disgrace, liability, and bad publicity.

That will result in your demise.

It is your wake-up call.

The second time around will be a trap, predetermined by your slackness and short-sightedness.

"To err is human, to understand and learn from it divine."

What is required of you is to act on their behalf from within.

If you can get your spiritual ego out of the way, you'll find that there's a bigger spiritual system than you, and your power is nothing compared to the power and benefits of the position.


You can handle power and are wise enough to avoid self-importance, the trap of the second ego.

Can you handle clarity?

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