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Rebellion, Liberation, and acceptance of personal responsibility.

Updated: Apr 21

Rebellion against authority is an essential first step to self-liberation, but it also can be a trap that takes the practitioner downward into an infantile state of mind.

Every adversary is destined to come to terms with reality or become an extremist buffoon at some point.

Staying in a perpetual act of Rebellion is the opposite of assuming responsibility and achieving independence.

In the beginning, it provides focus and an incentive to grow free of the oppressor.

It provides a guideline and a goal, a motivation to achieve a victory over oppression and overthrow the oppressor.

However, there comes a time when it is no longer a valid strategy, the practitioner has grown enough in power to have it “his way” without the need for further friction with the no longer able to oppress Ex-oppressor.

Now the problem is that most practitioners are dependent in their personality and mind frame on the existence of an oppressor to maintain the integrity of their identity.

So strong is this codependency to the extent of having existential depression, identity crises, and anxiety attacks.

Until now, the practitioner had a place in this whole grand scale of things; he had his friends, patrons, and demonic pacts, all aimed to bring the practitioner empowerment, to have what is needed to “do as you will”.

It is one thing to go through the preparation quietly, keeping a low attachment profile to the oppressor, and focus the rebellion to the day you will no longer be suppressed by oppression but surpass it.

Going around promoting yourself as the adversary’s trooper against the forces of Jehovah is to develop codependency.

Openly opposing establishes social conventions will alienate the practitioner from mainstream society, pushing him deeper to extremism and narrowed social circles.

Eventually, the identity is so entangled with the idea of overthrowing the oppressor that a permanent state of hate, frustration, and anger settles.

Even though every action and thought that came before empowerment was an act of rebellion against something concrete.

After the empowerment, it got no hold on the practitioner’s mind, thus not concrete.

At this point, even dedicated Black magicians suddenly turn to ideological saints, fighting windmills to save the world of religious oppression.

How can anybody not be frustrated when the mindset is all about being against other people’s perspectives of the world.

The monotheistic, dogmatic, and oppressing mentality that the black magician set out to be free of has a solid base of over 3 billion people.

If at this point of development, the practitioner can’t see how insignificant and unimportant he is, then this is the end of the road.

The sheer weight of the actual reality matrix generated by 3 billion minds is not something one person can go against without mental consequences.

This holds for every counterculture aiming at the destruction of billions of lives.

I saw quite a few lonely burned-out old bastards still pumping anarchistic ideals to bitter old age.

There will definitely be detachment and estrangement to mainstream society, but it doesn't mean frustration.

Practicing Lesser Black Magic to go around can save much trouble.

After all, it is the daily bread of the business world.

Thousands of companies hold Lesser Black Magick courses for their workers.

It is called N.L.P, hypnotherapy, life coaching. Etc...

The aim of this all is a higher quality of communication, achieving excellence and success in every field in your life, also outside of business hours.

Those methods have tremendous potential to empower the sorcerer in a dynamic and highly competitive market, providing an edge over others who invested less into Lesser Black Magick and more into hard labor.

Black magicians are not the only type who want to stay on top, and if you can’t maintain your place in society, by all means, crawl back to your parent’s garage.

Are you up for the psychological challenge?

See, it wasn’t the world, to begin with, and will never be the world.

Oppression, as long as it is social, is in the mind of the oppressed.

Not discarding the oppressor as mere nuance upon empowerment is insane considering the amount of work invested.

Instead of carving one own reality and place in the whole grand scale of things.

Adversaries barricade themself in a ditch and turn on whoever helped empower them as that liberator becomes the reason for their frustration.

Nobody said freedom is happiness.

Some even dare to suggest that ignorance is a bliss.

If you cannot understand the freedom of empowered living, you will never fully mature.

Suppose you haven’t traveled off the beaten track, intoxicated like there is no tomorrow, and allowed yourself to indulge over and over in sex, terrifying rituals, and self-induced psychosis.

In that case, no demon will take you seriously cause down the line; they are all for fun.

Eventually, refusing to acknowledge the lonely burden of individual freedom and the responsibility for everything in your reality.

You give up on yourself and your hard-earned freedom.

Some might turn to Tibetian Buddhists and pretend to understand non-existence without ever practicing it correctly, but it is a great way to avoid responsibility.

Down the line, A black magician is at cause in his world and responsible for everything he does.

You can’t expect magical results to be straightforward because you are often not strong enough to move shit around, especially when it comes down to competing with others on the same resource, usually money or sex, right?

With magic, the result will trickle slowly before becoming visible.

Contrary to the ‘quick fix attitude,’ some magical operations are like planting an acorn.

The result is for years to come.

If you have no plans to invest that far into the unknown, you are probably not on the right life path.

The “I give fuck” attitude of many Satanists is fine, but there is no real substance behind it, as you have your fellow underdogs Satanist to cheer you up. Even if you are an Atheist playing counterculture, Satan is a formidable excuse and support for a would-be old bitter bad-ass rebels.

Many rebels are just adopting Satan as a savior of humanity from the grip of Jehovah. Then becomes the savior themself, which leads to an exaggerated feeling of self-importance and deterioration to an infantile state.

It is not a long-term strategy for self-liberation and leads to martyrdom or self-destructiveness.

Since Satanists are incapable of dismissing Jehovah and adopt the monotheistic view of Satan as the one and only god.

They might start to identify Satan as Jehovah and his followers as the worshiper of Satan, which does happen.

Jehovah-Satan, who the fuck cares? It is not about following or being followed.

Also, It is not about your financial situation or how socially productive you are.

It is about self-liberation through self-empowerment.

However, kicking against something is the first step to finding your foot, which is the correct first step.

Kind of like leaving that old, forsaken shit hole of a town you grew up in, never looking back.

Acting in opposition to other things is not freedom at all rather a reaction.

Placing clear boundaries is the second step and a necessary one because that preemptive action dismisses reaction.

What you need to do is maintain and stand on your boundaries which is a fruit of knowing yourself.

Blaming others for maintaining whatever frame of mind you don’t accept because they are the reason for your existential frustration and lack of inner freedom is a phenomenon of loose personal borders.

The use of the archaic term religious oppression is another form of blaming someone else for your lack of ability to maintain boundaries (live and let live).

Because down the line, it is mostly about politics, less about personal freedom and more about how thick your skin is.

Practitioners who see beyond the Rebel or Adversary can find a liberation by working with and along the lines of Lucifer, Shiva Anubis even Bodhidharma (progenitor of martial arts).

None of them is a savior, which is excellent since by now, the sorcerer developed deep resentment to all types of personal intervention.

From a personal standpoint, I carry my cross, and it is my burden to carry. This is my suffering: for it’s my life to live and as a sorcerer I do not carry the cross of others.

So self-importance aside, old mental constructs aside past friends and partners who “know you as you are,” all can be dropped if they overburden your path.

Respect your ability to expand, to grow from learning, and process experiences.

You are free to travel and collect experience, impressions, synchronicities, and Mind-blowing encounters, so do.

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