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Parallelomania, mono-theism, and why archetypes lead to reductionism.

Updated: May 6

The western occult circles are heavily influenced by new-age ideas such as free energy, unlimited power sources, and the strange and utterly unscientific idea that all is one.

Therefore, I need to address another process doomed to end in mental entanglement.

In the past, there was an idea that the universe is composed of undividable (Atom) base elements, the prima substance, or building blocks.

However, Physics shows that the universe can not be narrowed down to one type of energy, wavelength, or base component.

The more you dig into the unknown dept of reality, the more you find.

Only dying things omit energy freely, such as the sun or the Lovecraftian gods, and even they, like a decapitated snake, can still bite.

Is it that difficult to understand that the astral, even more than the physical, is a vicious place where thoughtforms struggle to maintain themself, feeding on whatever resources they can find, which are primarily other thoughtforms?

Thoughtforms consume other thoughtforms; deities and Egragors have been consuming deities and egregores. Power places pillage by the spirits (Egragor) of the people conquered. Bathing in the blood of the previous people.

This is how things work around here; seeking one certain base reality doesn't.

Downgrading a complex and diverse subject such as Sexual Love to one ‘Idea’ is degrading culturally and mentally.

How am I supposed to accept that Figga and Isis are the same intelligence when I never had the same sensual, love, passion experiences with two different physical women, or are they not?

No two women are alike, and no abstract, culturally related 'Idea'' will cause me to downgrade a goddess to less than a mundane woman.

Frigga and Isis are also mothers, but with uttermost certainly, they are not my mother, certainly not a perfect 'idea' of a mother, which is total escapism.

In an IT world where one server can reach millions of subscribers through localized apps.

It is naive to think a goddess is a mere fiction of the mind or that you are in communion with the goddess rather than a feather-light, highly diluted derivative, an emulation, an app.

But if you insist so, Yes, there are little people inside your television.

On top of that, Isis came through the Eygiptian subconscious in her own unique and well-crafted manner (not unusual for Women to be crafty, artificial, and intelligent), and Frigga came through the Nors subconscious in quite the same fashion, cunning, artificial, and intelligent.

I’m not going to dive now into the mechanism behind the formation of powerful spirits(Purusha) as avatars, as it is far beyond the scope of this article to explain.

IT speaking, under the hood, the brain-language-matrix is a complex set of sub-signals.

Eygiptian sub-signals, Norse sub-signal, English sub-signals.

Languages are not the same, and there is no accurate translation between different language groups, cultures, and roots as some words and customs are unique to one ethnic group.

The worst thing a scientist can do is reductionism, more so in occult science, which is a form of field experience combined with applied philosophy.

Reducing a complex process to an abstract and undefined archetype is unheard of.

Yet so common amongst magicians of all paths is a new age, a diluted soup of much more profound practice and phylosophies.

Art is another "noble" 'Idea' giving birth to the archetype of an 'artist.' Should I reduce Picasso to an “artist” which might correspond well with Salvador Dali as another expression of this archetype?

The new-age reductionism system also entails claiming that they are both the same expression of the artist's archetype.

I speculate that the main reason for it is that most occultists are not scientifically trained or inclined to scientific thinking, which leaves them pseudo-religious, unable to wrestle in their minds with complex data.

Unlike Science, which is an extreme form of devotion to nature, the new age philosophy is all about idol worship and escapism.

On top of that, they are not so complex themselves (their personality, not the biological vessel).

Reducing actuality like Frigga with her intricate background stories and complex persona to an abstract 'Ideal' of a Mother goddess is indiscriminative and devoid of the number one maximum of science.

What is an example of Occam's razor? Occam's Razor Simplified: The idiom "when you hear hoofbeats think horses, not zebras" refers to the principle that the most likely solution is the simplest one.

Trying an Eygiptian formula designed for Isis on Frigga will not yield her good side as you approach her as if she is another woman from a foreign culture.

Not considering them as real women, you might imagine otherwise.

Like dude! I know that your Ex liked it when you nibble her nipples but come on, not every woman wants that.

If you approach a new lover as you did with the Ex, at least don’t justify it by saying that for you, it is all part of a more significant generalization of 'woman you fuck', and it’s sacred.

Lots of women I know love to fuck! Here and now, without waiting through long sessions of tantric rituals.

Giving worship (Bhakti) can assist significantly with the sheer weight of individual existence, finding refuge in higher powers, ancient spirits who "wear" complex personas just like any highly developed person, yet more, much more.

It's not a religious statement. They have superior computing power and a little more than 90 years of existence.

Mostly they use magicians as a resource.

Like a hot young babe on a webcam sucking you out of money and life.

If you become convinced that they are representations of your brain function, you are truly fucked.

The downslopes of mind deterioration have begun, and you will end up very confused.

Much like Crowley at the end of his time when the power left and the drugs burned him out.

The Goetia he overshadowed as if they were part of his brain function was not helping him to end his life with dignity (which they could).

Did Crowley believe that the Goathia are mear personified brain function?

My take on it is that it was a high stack bet between the Goethia and him who will master who through an inner struggle rather than outer Gothic intervention.

It was Crawley wrestling the demons head-on and losing.

By speculation, what happened to Kenneth Grant is that he opened his brain in such a way to the Enochian, probably to gain knowledge of the nightside and to step out of the shadow of his master.

Nowadays, it is relatively safe to have a written agreement with the Enochian, as they achieved a measure of sensitivity to the human fragility of consistency.

It eventually happened through pioneering Occultists from the age of information who could actually handle that complex signal system benefiting both sides.

Enochian are like cocaine, very addictive and manipulative, always letting you think that there is something more to you because it works for them.

All they want is a place in your mind, access to your brain, and many others like you.

They need your brain's computing resources to use in a mega project to achieve what took thousands of years for other incoming spirits in just a few centuries.

They want to come through as who they are, but they don’t know who they are as only direct experience of actual bonding with a physical body from birth can grant knowledge of the self.

Otherwise, they are at a loss regarding their identity.

My advice is that avoid it unless you are mathematically inclined and able to integrate their base system whole.

Understandably many of the sorcerers operating in the scene are no more than empty 2D personas used by spirits at best as resources and, worse, guinea pigs to be used and discarded.

Why not? That is what they set themself to do in the first place to the spirits.

Fire as an alchemical element is not physical fire but rather the Essence of fire.

In contrast, the archetype of fire is the abstraction of fire on behalf of the essence.

It is another way of saying I can not handle complex actualities, so I’ll strip it to something devoid of shades, colors, and sounds.

Hence a soft polytheistic will say that Frigga equals Isis because they share similar attributes (but not character and persona).

In an atrocious sin towards the new age religion, I discriminate between attributes to that which possesses the characteristics.

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