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On the evolution of human, planetary consciousness and the Great work IV - The Saturnian age

Updated: Apr 23

Planet Saturn’s restrictive influence facilitated a challenge for the Planet’s evolution and the newly coming evolved life forms.

It placed a cap over Tiferet and made the ascent beyond very difficult.

Problematic as it is, it gave rise to a new breed of animals capable of developing and utilizing their Will to work through the Saturnian forces and ascent beyond Tiferet to the mental plane of abstract thoughts.

It is called by some the Aeon of Horus after the falcon-headed Egyptian deity representing intense focus, Will, and the ability to soar high and beyond.

Each of the five elder races (Draconian, Avians, Insectoid, Felines, and Monkies) had worked its development system and nourished its people.

There were cross-board cooperation and rivalry, as well.

The coming into play of the Humans presented an opportunity for Higher beings to take incarnations and work their way from within humanity.

It also presented the opportunity for the Terran soul to incarnate higher in the evolutionary scale.

One of the Terran life forms to work through the human vessel is worms, one of the fastest-growing amongst all groups taking the place of the hard mechanical/visual based insectoids replacing them with a soft empathic/kinesthetic version of humans.

The development of the human mind’s higher faculties enabled free will, philosophy, Magic, and individual growth, which before the Saturnian age was very scarce.

In the early phase of the Saturnian age, the elder races retreated to near Astral dimensions parallel to the planet. They stayed in touch with humanity through symbolic keys, Astral vessels, and various masks primarily, but not exclusively, with each of the civilization’s priests and elite classes.

In the later phase of the Saturnian age, which correlates to the end of the victorian period, awakening gradually opened to greater and greater circles.

The third eye chakra is not typically activated in the human vessels and is the ‘Seat of the Will’; hence in the solar age, only higher evolved souls and specially selected disciplined Initiates had the privilege of Awakening.

The eons’ turning allows a mass awakening, but not in the sense that the New age movement preaches about.

It was mostly about growing awareness of one own conditions, self-realization, and actualization through professions.

People were questioning the traditional conventions, but it was not a radical rejection of existence favoring radical ideologies.

Saturn’s forces make it challenging for humans to transcend conventions, and the ‘mass herd’ mentality persisted in a new form from the Solar Age (eon of Osiris).

The seat of power was taken from the monarchs 👑 by the governments, and the mass media took the position of the religious authorities.

People raise up from enslaved people the Vassals/subjects to become workers/citizens.

With the disappearance of the baby boomers, we are seeing the last remnant of the Saturnian age vanishing uncovering the prevailing Jupiterian age.

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