• Almog Yarden

Concerning the Abyss of darkness - a psychological view

The ego is a construct of Identity and attachments, the base perception of self-identity, which determines everything in a person's life.

If the ego is firmly attached to a family, profession, financial situation, and other external circumstances, then the Abyss would be a terrifying experience.

The only existence in the abyss of darkness is the core stand-alone self, no father-mother, partner, socioeconomic situation, professional status, intellectual capabilities, or the condition of the physical body have any significance as everything falls apart and only the core remains.

Having nothing to hold on to, the ego binds and self-identify itself solely to that ‘soul carnal’ which radically alters the perception of who ‘I am.’

Everything else becomes secondary as 'enlightenment has been achieved,’ the practitioner is now aware of himself as an individual, separate from the world (his dependency on it to maintain self-identity) and awaken to humanity’s condition.

Ignorance; which is the lack of self-knowledge (knowledge of the self).

Matrix dependency; the need to be validated by external rolls.

My initiator to Chen Buddhism many years ago explained that 'enlightenment' is quite basic and straightforward. Still, the ego’s total dis-attachment from all external identities to achieve singularity with the carnal takes 25-30 years (and is not guaranteed).

Occult practice can accelerate this process by cutting through all those preliminary years of meditation necessary to 'find' the abyss as you simply evoke and invoke it until it breaks through the protective barriers which fixate the ego to ignorant security.

There is a substantial risk that the ego will become attached to the latent fears and emotional trauma that will surface, but such is the way the LHP can tear through all barriers in search of liberation.

Psychoanalysis, psychotherapy, and growing awareness may also accelerate the process by reducing the obscurity of the process, enabling flexibility (of the ego) by removing latent traumas and providing emotional support through that (initially) excruciating process.

Growing awareness provides greater acceptance of the idea that I am changing to be somebody else, which is part of the transformation process.

The old school Jogic approach is "having firmly established himself in the state of deep Samadhi (sole attachment to the carnal in the abyss), he must remain in this state until the ego detaches itself completely from the body.”

From all and every old school teaching that I've encountered, only after the physical death, total liberation becomes concrete.

The physical body is so strongly immersed in the 'Id'(addictions), and the pull of the world is so powerful that even the slightest attachment of the ego to it(the Id) will pull the practitioner's soul (astral body) back from Samadhi (immersion in the abyss).

After the physical death, as having no physical body, all hardship of existence fades away, leaving only the incredible etheric sensations of the flesh and a craving to immerse it again.

On the one extremity is the path of total renunciation of all addictions and sense pleasure, on the other, of full emersion in all sense pleasure to the point of saturation. Yet with both, the 'Id' lingering as part of the 'Ego' even after death is almost a certainty.

Only great beings of darkness, such as Lucifer, Abandon, Shiva, and Anubis, can facilitate true liberation, guide, and sustain you through the process of becoming a dweller in darkness, during life, and even after death.

In any case, the structure that weighs the most heavily on LHP practitioners is the 'Superego,’ that authoritative evil suppresses freedom and stifles the joy of life.

Discard the tyranny of the 'Superego' by working with the defiler, become self-Identify with the dark carnal (black Dimond) through the repetitive experience of the Abyss, which breaks false attachments and purifies the ego of external influences, embrace the pleasures of the 'Id' and attain transcendency.

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