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Correlation - The Draconian and Jogic-Tantric path

Updated: May 7

The particular style of meditation I practice is called ‘Joga,’ which is a direct conscious effort to descend into darkness using willpower only.

It aims to completely strip the practitioners of any attachments, identity, or desire and become ‘Shiva’ which is (to the Jogi) Supreme Will and Primal (all-pervading) Consciousness referred to as the being ‘MahaKal’ the Great darkness which underlies everything impersonated.

As desire is not a part of the Jogi’s build-up, ‘Kali’ is mainly ignored and not to be worked with or worshiped.

Correlation of ‘Mahakal’ with Leviatan? And if so, wouldn’t he then be attributed to Chokmah?

In that case, Tiamat will be attributed to Binah, which makes much more sense.

The whole Tree of Life is Lucifer and Lilith-Samael, the stabilizing elements in the three of Qliphoth.

Lilith is the daughter of Tiamat, while Naamah is the daughter of Leviathan.

Who is Naamah’s husband? And why is he missing?

Some parts complimentary others in opposition to this practice is Aghora Tantra which is the unreserved desire to unite with ‘Kali’ (primal dark energy) by self-identifying with ‘Shive’ (referred to in this system as the supreme ego), which without ‘Joga’ often leads to madness(the undeveloped ego being possessed by Kaili).

In the Hindu culture, women are not equal, much like Lilith doesn't fly with Kali.

Mother, sister, lover, wife..etc., each of those personifications has a tremendous and very different effect on the practitioner. Yet, unconditional surrender and worship of ‘Kali’ as a power combined with looking down upon her as inferior is shaky ground for a solid relationship.

I realize that to compliment my practice as a ‘Jogic’ with ‘Tantric,’ an unreserved desire to unite with Lilith, who Draconianly speaking is the ’Primal dark energy,’ is necessary, and I must proceed by cultivating it as well as better to contemplate the nature of my relationship with her.

My relationship developed over time from Lilith being an older sister (as in an order or a tribe), an initiator, and a potential lover and a friend (cause who doesn’t dream about having his hot and potent initiator as a lover).

To a sister, friend, and Lover.

Having a name, address, and method of working with the Qliphothic forces through the Western magic system is a significant relief. It suits me better and places everything inside a workable, clearer frame.

It is remarkable how well correlated that aspect of the Hindu LHP is with the Draconian path when you boil it down to essential shadow work.

According to Agora, eight shackles bind us to the illusion, keeping us powerless.

In correspondence to the Qliphoth, they are:


2 -Sensual pleasure



5- Hatred


7- Fear


Contrasting the RHP, it is through becoming a ‘master of them’ through direct experience (Invocation), then a ‘master over them’ (Evocation), to break the world's shackles and achieve the power of a living god.

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