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Correlation - The Draconian and Jogic-Tantric path

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

The style of meditation that I practice is called "Joga," which involves using willpower to consciously descend into the darkness to strip oneself of attachments, identity, and desire and become "Shiva," which is understood as the Supreme Will and Primal Consciousness, also known as the being "MahaKal," or the Great Darkness that underlies everything. In this practice, "Kali" is largely ignored and not worshipped, as it is not a part of the Jogi's goal.

There may be a correlation between "Mahakal" and the biblical figure of Leviathan, and if this is the case, "Mahakal" could be attributed to the concept of Chokmah in the Tree of Life. This would mean that Tiamat would be attributed to Binah, which makes more sense. According to this interpretation, the Tree of Life comprises Lucifer and Lilith-Samael, stabilizing elements in the three of Qliphoth. Lilith is the daughter of Tiamat, while Naamah is the daughter of Leviathan. It is unclear who Naamah's husband is and why he is missing.

Aghora Tantra is a practice that involves a desire to unite with "Kali," or primal dark energy, by identifying with "Shiva," or the supreme ego. Without the balancing practice of "Joga," this can sometimes lead to madness as the undeveloped ego becomes possessed by "Kali." In Hindu culture, women are not viewed as equal to men, which is similar to Lilith is not seen as equivalent to "Kali." The various personifications of women as mothers, sisters, lovers, and wives can have a significant and varied impact on the practitioner, and it can be challenging to reconcile the desire to surrender to and worship "Kali" with the belief that she is inferior.

To complement my practice as a "Jogic" with "Tantric" principles, I recognize that it is necessary to cultivate an unreserved desire to unite with Lilith, who is understood in Draconian tradition as representing primal dark energy. Therefore, to better understand the nature of my relationship with Lilith, I have developed a connection with her over time, beginning as an older sister or member of the same order, then evolving into a friend, shadow lover, and initiator.

It can be helpful to have a specific name, address, and method for working with the Qliphothic forces within the Western magical system, as it can provide clarity and a sense of structure. There are similarities between the Hindu Left Hand Path and the Draconian path regarding shadow work. According to Aghora, eight shackles bind us to illusion and keep us powerless. In correspondence to the Qliphoth, these shackles are:


2 -Sensual pleasure



5- Hatred


7- Fear


In contrast to the Right Hand Path, the Left Hand Path involves becoming a "master of" the Qliphothic forces through direct experience (invocation) and then a "master over" them (evocation) to break the shackles of the world and achieve the power of a living god.

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