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Dragonic invocation of Tiamat and the ascending flame

Updated: Apr 29, 2022

O Drakon, O Megas

Dragon of the abyss, prima locus.

You who is power and ferociousness.

You who is the primal womb of creation, whose might is great.

Mother of demons, ancient of them all

Arise from your prison as I’m making this call,

Form as a rose made of blackness and fire,

Appear in this temple all Chaos and power.

See me as a temple and a house for your dwelling.

As a shrine, as a mound as the boat, you are sailing.

Tiamat, Tehom O, liquid shadow

Awaken in force and adorn me with fire.

As the story does tell the avenger of sorrow,

A creator of beasts, you’re the wager of horrors.

Devour my vestures as you take me so deeply,

Be a safe house for me, as a temple and keep.

As I stand in your midst soul naked, alone.

Entrust me thick shadows, they will be my new home.

Deliver deep darkness as a thread on a loom,

for Arachne and Hecate, making me as a groom.

As I take on the Deus, of the dark flame of chaos.

your shadows will be my new robes.

As I clear my own fire and on wings of desire,

To be swayed by the brightest of all,

Entrust into me all that arcane and real,

Of my blood, of my roots, of my tome.


Dragon of the void!

I hereby dedicate myself by my secret dark name O’fel to the sacred Draconian current

And the ascending flame of Lucifer.

O dragon, O Megas

It is done!

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