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On the evolution of human, planetary consciousness and the Great work II - The later Lunar age

Updated: Apr 23

The first star seeds that reached physical expression through the animal kingdom were reptilian and insectoids

Through these vessels, this consciousness expressed the cosmic forces of Darkness and Light.

The Fish is the terran reconciler, which is ‘Not this and Not that’ yet ‘it is This and also That.’ The Flora is neutral and inert to both.

The Lunar age set the ground for the future magicians to reconcile those two seemingly opposing forces within themselves by going through the Fish’s lesson.

The endeavor can be achieved through Samadhi/Deep trance/Absence of senses/the Duat.

Hod and Netzach are the veils of Maya, the first illusion of duality; the fish is the path to realize and awaken to the idea of harmony within diversity.

It is still an early unfoldment as the Sefirah of Tiferet, and the higher reaches of the Astral have yet to be formed.

It is interesting to note that while the highest goal of the Tibetan Buddhist is to fuse the mind with the limitless light, it is the fusion of the mind with the cosmic darkness in Chan Buddhism that counts.

The first is primarily Insectoid, the latter Reptilian.

Neither reptilians nor insectoids were ever meant to become the dominant expression of the planetary dream or the core spiritual human evolutionary path.

Those races took the position of planetary custodians and greatly assisted human evolution, acting as a spiritual exoskeleton.

Yet still, the Fish are the real backbone of humanity's planetary spiritual evolution.

The reptilian consciousness evolved through the Draconian semi-terrestrial races and founded the Mesopotamian empires.

The insectoid evolved through the mystical semi-terrestrial Rishis, the founders of the Hindu culture.

They are to be seen as they are, a supporting party that allows humanity to grow spiritually before the Fish’s journey has been mapped (the planetary Yesod).

Hence those forms of mysticism have become redundant except to those who wish for ascension.

Going Back to the end of the First Age and the beginning of the second, which began with Amphibians’ life’s emergence, the vast oceanic covering most of the planet receded, and the landmass was revealed.

It opened a new age in the evolution of the planetary dream, and as much as the Fishes are the spiritual ‘Yesod’ (backbone), the Amphibians are the ‘Hod-Netzach’ (skin).

With that, Tarra, the planetary consciousness, gained the ability to realize her existence through sensation(touch and smell).

Through the refined Amphibians Bioplasma, the lower Astral was formed, and the base of the Sefirah of Tiferet was established.

The planetary consciousness entered the solar age, and as a consequence, another cosmic seed opened up.

It expressed itself through a third semi-planetary kingdom that evolved through and parallel with the planetary reptilian-insectoid life.

They are the Avians who created and reside in the higher astral.

As before, it draws highly evolved extraterrestrials Avian races(the Garudas), this time to the planetary newfound higher Astral region (sky).

They are to become the third custodians of future humanity and possibly the cofounders of the first Atlantis, founders of the third.

They battled the reptilian race Nagas and inserted themself into the human conciseness as so-called "higher beings".

Taoist China was based on all three races (the three kingdoms).

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