• Almog Yarden

On the evolution of human, planetary consciousness and the Great work III -The Solar Age

Updated: Dec 8, 2020

The planetary consciousness evolved through the Fish ‘absence of senses’ (medulla oblongata in humans) to the ‘Salamanders’ touch, taste, and smell (Olfactory lobe).

It began to draw into its Astral sphere a multitude of extra-dimensional beings, yet the Earth’s true masters remain the Reptilians, Avians, and Insectoids.

At this stage in The sorcerers’ journey, the challenge is to reconcile between the Lunar to Solar currents and overcome the temptation to work along with alien influences.

Initially, the Solar and Lunar currents play havoc on the Etheric planetary sphere, and as a consequence, multitudes of Astral and physical being perished before the Earth adjusted.

Eventually, she reconciled those forces and brought them into balance, giving rise to softer and more favorable astral and Physical conditions.

Newer, more refined species appear to reflect the unique situation, the temperate blood small mammalian.

They came with the senses of hearing and sight, complicated emotions, and rudimentary though processing(midbrain), allowing more input and versatility, which enabled the faculty of imagination and access into the Lunar Astral realm Yesod and the Solar astral realm of Tiferet.

The fourth and fifth seed developed and found its expression in the animal kingdom and astral planes as Felines and Monkeys (neocortex), a higher level of processing.

The Sefirot of Gevurah and Chesed was established, resonating with the Solar and Lunar currents on a higher plane.

The Solar/Lunar currents manifest in the human energy body through two main channels (Hindu Ida and Pingala), on the Microcosmic Tree of life as Gevurah(Red/Solar energy) and Chesed(Blue/Lunar energy).

It reflects how those currents play about on the Planet and are at the core of all energy and magical work.

The mammalian’s natural bioenergetics print made them planetary adapt and allowed a natural existence in the lower astral (Netzah - Tiferet - Hod). The earth came into a semi awakened state.

Early primates developed and draw into them star seeds of all kinds.

To make a long story short, the Avians became incredibly cruel and were conducting horrible experiments on the primates in their settlement place (second Atlantis).

In her semi awakened state, she felt the pain caused by them, which resulted in a long war between the Reptilian to the Avian, reflected through the Eastern mythos of the Nagas Garudas enmity.

Atlantis got skunked, forcing the Avian to proceed to the higher planes, but since they now possessed the knowledge of how to manipulate the higher brain function of the newly evolved humans, especially those of Insectoid.

Their masochistic influence prevailed through the eons. Unfortunately, they possess considerable mind power influence over the population to grow exponentially from the beginning of the mass media age to current days.

The difference between stone tools users to a modern computer user is the mind, not the brain, and in that, although it is diminishing, the Avians had an advantage.

To prevent the avian from taking over, the reptilian kept most of humanity grounded by preventing the development of higher faculties, which ended with the avian-based Greek liberal philosophical culture ending the empires which existed before.

It must also be noted that through hard training in mystical schools, there were humans who were allowed to develop a high level of intellectual functions and served as the ancient priesthood of Mesopotamia and Egypt.

Zarathustra, Jehovic continuum and the Vishnu continuum are all Avian technologies based on insectoid infrastructure.

The key to humanity’s welfare was and is the insectoid consciousness that rules the automatic function neccery for human society to exist.

Insectoids are copycats able to quickly adjust to new star seeds and develop adequate vessels and forms.

Reactive and integrative, often mechanistic, insectoids are the bulk mass and drive behind socially—the critical factor in the struggle between the overbearing oppressive Avian to the wise and compassionate Reptilians.

Christianity is an Avian religion, which tells a lot about them.

Currently, the reptilians’ platform rejects Avians hance from down up, platform No.III out of five necessary to eliminate the Avian influence.

It places humanity in the automaton function of existence, which is excellent as the platform the No. I was survival-based.

No. II was preservation-based, and now humanity is at the level of automation existence.

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