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On the evolution of human, planetary consciousness and the Great work III -The Solar Age

Updated: Jan 8

During the evolution of the planetary consciousness, it developed senses such as touch, taste, and smell, represented by the Salamanders. This attracted many extra-dimensional beings to the Astral plane of the planet. However, the true masters of the Earth are still the Reptilians, Avians, and Insectoids. At this stage in the journey of sorcerers, it is essential to reconcile the Solar and Lunar energies and resist the temptation to work with alien influences. Initially, the conflict between these energies caused chaos in the Etheric plane of the planet, leading to the deaths of many Astral and physical beings. However, the Earth eventually balanced these forces, leading to more favorable Astral and physical conditions and the emergence of newer, more refined species, such as temperate blood small mammals.

During the Fourth and Fifth Ages, the planetary consciousness developed senses such as hearing and sight, as well as more complex emotions and basic thought-processing capabilities, represented by the Felines and Monkeys. These advances allowed for more significant input and versatility, including imagining and accessing the Lunar Astral realm of Yesod and the Solar Astral realm of Tiferet. As a result, the Sefirot of Gevurah and Chesed was established, reflecting the higher plane of Solar and Lunar energies. In the human energy body, these energies manifest through the two main channels of Ida and Pingala on the Microcosmic Tree of Life, with Gevurah representing Red/Solar energy and Chesed representing Blue/Lunar energy. These Solar and Lunar energies are at the core of all power and magical work on the planet.

The natural bioenergetics of mammals allowed them to adapt to and thrive in the lower Astral plane (Netzah, Tiferet, and Hod). As a result, the planet entered a semi-awakened state. Early primates also developed and were infused with various star seeds. The Avians, however, conducted cruel experiments on these primates in their settlement, known as the third Atlantis. The semi-awakened planet could sense the pain caused by these experiments, leading to a war between the Reptilians and the Avian-insectoids, as reflected in the Eastern mythos of the conflict between the Nagas and the Garudas. The destruction of Atlantis forced the Avians to retreat to the higher planes. They used their knowledge of manipulating the higher brain function of humans and worked with the lower realm Insectoids to exert their masochistic influence over the population. This influence has persisted throughout the ages, particularly during the mass media age to the present day.

The difference between stone tool users and modern computer users is not in the evolution of the brain but in the development of the mind. The Avians had an advantage in this regard. To prevent the Avians from gaining too much control, the Reptilians kept most of humanity grounded by preventing the development of higher mental faculties. However, it is worth noting that through rigorous training in mystical schools, humans were allowed to develop high levels of intellectual function and served as ancient priests in Mesopotamia and Egypt. The teachings of Zarathustra, Jehovic, and the Vishnu continuum are based on Avian-insectoid technologies and infrastructure.

The insectoid consciousness is the key to humanity's well-being, which controls the automatic functions necessary for human society to function. However, this has changed in the modern age with the improvement in quality of life, the use of computers to regulate logistics, and the increased automation of tasks. Insectoids can adapt quickly to new star seeds and create suitable vessels and forms. They are reactive and integrative, often adopting a mechanical approach. Despite this, insectoids are still a vital part of human society and play a critical role in the struggle between the cruel and oppressive Avians and the wise and compassionate but rigid Reptilians. It is worth noting that Christianity and Judaism are both religions with insectoid influences.

The goal of the Reptilians is to develop a platform within the human mind, through the medulla oblongata, that is resistant to Avian influences. This current phase, known as platform No. IV/V pushes the Avians into the linguistic complex. When the most basic animalistic instincts are reflected in the language complex, it will eliminate all Avian and remaining negative insectoid influences. This means that humanity will operate at a basic level of living.

No, I. Surviving (Feed).

No II. Reserving (Fuck).

No III. Existing (Maintain).

No IV. Living (Think).

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