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A sound relationship with Shakti

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Hindu culture does not value women equally with men.

Kali and other strong goddesses like Lilith and Na'ama are not pleased about this.

There's a good chance that other deities support gender equality as well.

Shakti, the feminine aspect of heavenly energy, is frequently portrayed as the all-powerful deity.

It is an energy that the practitioner of tantric rituals can tap to strengthen himself.

Shakti is a human force that can also be a cosmic movement. It is erotic, sensual, powerful, and possessive.

It is referred to as Kundalini in the sense of personal energy, and it permeates the practitioner's energy body and endows them with somewhat supernatural abilities.

Tantra seeks to bring one's inner shakti together and align it with the cosmic current.

There are numerous personified depictions of Shakti, including Kali, Durge, and Chamundani.

Lilith and Na'ama are alternative representations of Shakti in draconic sorcery.

Developing a close, loving relationship with Shakti is the only secure approach to working with her.

The Ardhanarishvara, also known as the "Lord Who Is Half Woman," is a transvestite version of the Hindu deity Shiva. This deity represents the idea of unification and is often depicted as half Shakti. A sect of sadhus within the Left-Hand Path (LHP) follow this deity and practice a powerful form of Tantra. My guru at the Haridwar Kumbh Mela was even willing to pay for protection from this group, as I had become involved with them.

Mother, sister, lover, wife...etc. Each personification of the Goddess has a tremendous and very different effect on the practitioner. Yet, unconditional surrender and worship by a male practitioner will undoubtedly end in castration as much as with any mundane relationship with a strong woman. To paraphrase another practitioner, "become part of her collection of testicles." Seeking out self-empowerment and, at the same time, subjugating your masculinity to Lilith is contradictory, and even though I do keep an alter and feed her daily of my essence, it doesn't mean throwing myself as a rug on her feet. Besides, I consider myself a successful postfeminist man who internalized gender equality principles without flushing my masculinity down the drain. Lilith and Na'amah stand for gender equality and appreciate a strong man who values themself as much as they respect femininity. Standing for your right to be treated as an equal partner is imperative. As a rule of thumb, as much as you strive for unification with shakti, you must strive to become Shiva, the nonpersonal male principle of divine energy.

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