• Almog Yarden

Christian mysticism current status

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Since the metaphysical conditions surrounding the event of the Crucifix have been reconciled ‘He is a threat no more’.

The Road is open to his followers plainly via the practice of devotion(Bhakti) to their Lord and accumulation of positive karma, which is in Christian terms would be ‘acting in good faith’ (doing good and avoiding doing bad).

The wheel has been reversed, suffering is no longer an acceptable sacrifice.

Adding the Hebrew letter ‘He’ as attribution to his achievement of the spiritual realm (a very common kabbalistic practice) generates the name Yahushua (the seeker of God), as in the RCR.

This particular God's name can be utilised to open a channel to the Jahovic reservoir and be used for healing and suffer reducing purposes(compassion).

However, as a disclaimer, I cannot guarantee the safety of any endeavour beyond the Crucifix and any such an attempt of threading beyond Tiferet (the Crucifix) through the Christian path (via dolorosa) should be done carefully as the Qliphotic forces are still very much active beyond the cross.

The Qliphotic way is a different path which to most people is mentally contradicting to that of Christianity, that is the only reason why for those practitioners it is inadvisable to make contact with the quixotic current.

My personal need as a Judaic-Siddha to find the fourth and fifth pillar heads, assures that this line of work still continues and that I'll see it to the end.

I do feel that it is important to state that beside Yeshua, other historical and mythological as well as some well-known Rabies have achieved that kind of spiritual fortitude and beyond, although in a different fashion.

For example king Solomon(the famous demonologist founder of the first Jewish temple), The prophet Eliyahu, Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai(the author of the Zohar) and more.

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