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Christian mysticism current status

Updated: May 17

The metaphysical conditions surrounding the event of the Crucifixion have been reconciled with the transmission that came from the shamanic realm: 'He is a threat no more.' This means that the road to spirituality is open to followers of Crist to practice devotion (bhakti) for the accumulation of positive karma, which means 'acting in good faith' (doing good and avoiding doing bad). This approach is contrary to the way of fear and martyrium and the glorification of the church's suffering. Next, they suggested that suffering is no longer an acceptable sacrifice. Self-healing and the healing of others are now the way forward.

The Hebrew letter 'Hei' is added as an attribution to Jesus' achievement of the spiritual realm (a common kabbalistic practice) to generate the name Yahushua, which means 'the seeker of God' in the RCR (it is unclear what the RCR is). This particular name of God can be used to open a channel to the Jahovic reservoir and be used for healing and relieving suffering. However, as a disclaimer, the author cannot guarantee the safety of any endeavors beyond the Crucifixion and advises caution when attempting to go beyond the point of the Crucifixion (Tiferet) via the Christian path. As the lower forces left behind by the martyrs are still active. The Qliphotic way is a different path that is spiritual and mentally contradictory to Christianity and is therefore inadvisable for practitioners of Christianity to contact that current."

As a Judaic-Siddha, I need to find the meaning behind the fourth and fifth pillar heads.

It is essential to state that besides Yeshua, other historical and mythological, as well as some well-known Rabies, have achieved that kind of spiritual endeavor and passed beyond while staying alive, which is different. For example, king Solomon(the famous demonologist founder of the first Jewish temple), The prophet Eliyahu, and lesser known.

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