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Concerning the Abyss of darkness - substance use

Updated: Apr 21

The Naga babas sadhus smoke Jaras and cannabis regularly in a traditional pipe called chillum as a sacrament for Shiva. Aghoris also smoke Datura, drink alcohol, and do all sorts of other mind-altering substances, including adrenochrome.

The idea behind it is to open the doors wide open to influences, weaken the body on behalf of empowering the spirit, and train their will and single mindedness.

This practice is about consuming poisons to overcome them, and although they would rather not admit it… it helps to pass the time around the Dhuni fire.

It is not uncommon for young Agoris to go through Drug-induced psychosis, muttering inconsistently, yelling, and cursing randomly. Hence, they try to stay away from populated areas when conducting ceremonies.

Among the Naga babas, chillum smoking(Jaras) is considered so holy and essential that mastering it comes in importance before other techniques such as Japa, mantra, and meditation.

"If you can't develop the will to break through the poison how can you expect to break through the poison of the world.”

While still in school (Ashrams), the underaged (mostly but not necessarily age-related) can smoke as much as they like as long as they keep to their chores (attending errands, cleaning, cooking...etc.).

So dosing, getting stoned, slacking around, or drifting is NOT permitted; you take the poison and work through it.

During the Kumbh Mela, my guru prescribed 30-40 chillum hits a day, mostly Ganga(weed), not recreational, or Marley's social escapism. On top of that, as I developed further than Child-Neophyte (Bacha Chella), he withdrew his protective mantra (psychic protection), and started applying massive psychic pressure through his mantra while making fun of my difficulties to stay clear.

At the time, he was 68 years old yet completely awake and vibrant through all of that self-poisoning, which exceeded mine by far.

It was about working uphill, and since I was a foreigner, he made it extra heavy.

From my own experience, mind-altering substances can provide lots of benefits as they break you out of the constraints of the mind, show you an altered version of reality, and destabilize the convention of the indoctrinated mainstream description of reality.

In "The teaching of Don Juan" series of books, Don Juan is making Carlos Castaneda go through all kinds of experiences with power giving substances and mind-altering medicines to show him what is power and destabilize his conviction of reality.

"There are no shortcuts" is a silly thing to say; a guru is a shortcut, working with Belial is a shortcut, everything which accelerates and promotes you on the path is a shortcut.

Having said that, nothing can substitute the persistent hard work and the gradual organic, painful personal transformation necessary for self-mastery and mastery of the world.

Datura (devil's weed) can teach about power (for a price) by empowering you tremendously and show you the multi-layered nature of reality. Still, it would be her power and view of reality, not yours.

However, it can motivate you to gradually build your power base and reevaluate reality in light of what she/she-he can show to construct your perception of reality.

It is important to note that mind-altering substances are entirely UNRELIABLE regarding visions, messaged, interpretation, or divination.

Those realities are not stable or sustainable in the frame of everyday life.

For a clear message and communication with the spirit world, you have to have a clear mind as much as you would for getting a message from another person.

While being stoned, it is not uncommon for people to think, "what a great idea," but to find it pretty dumb upon sober reflection.

Avoiding making decisions based on mind-altering journeys facilitated through a chemical substance or plant is wise.

Dreams and other divination means, such as tarot, are a much better way to receive spiritual messages.

Pushing it too much is a bad idea; taking it slowly wise.

Allow yourself the time to digest those experiences as otherwise psychologically your Ego will react by thickening the defensive constructs and patterns that keeps you trapped.

It's more about tweaking the system towards transcendence on behalf of the Mundane perception than gaining mastery over the world; it’s about gradually becoming a high powered demigod (muni) in preparation for ‘ascent.’

Anyway, the word ‘Ascent’ in this context is contradictory to my metaphysical philosophy and ends spiritual goals.

I could already have ascended as my 'Karma' allows it; my spirit is strong, and my will is fixed enough to shut down the body and pass through the microcosmic abyss. Yet, while going through the process, I found out my 'Karam' (birth circumstances) opposes ascensionion and prefer transcending the mundane while in to.

As the countdown towards ascension was in effect, my spiritual fire grew exponentially.

All-sustaining action ceased, which is, I stopped sleeping or eating, was drinking less than 80 mg of liquid a day, and was engaged in intensive Agora practice in the cremation groud.

My spiritual fire was rapidly burning through the barriers that separate the world of the living from the realm of the dead.

The Sadhus and Aghoris around began preparing me for it as well, and two very powerful Aghoris arrived to assist me in the process.

After two weeks and a half, my dissatisfaction grew to that extent, which forced me to realize that it was not my ‘Karam,’ Consequently, the ascent will not be beneficial.

Cold turkey stopping the process was devastating. It took a full nightmarish year to get back on my feet and about two years to fully recover.

My Shut (shadow/ ethereal mold) burned out in the process, which is necessary for ascension.

The only thing that was holding me intact was my martial art training, discipline and strong will.

It was a 'textbook' one to one process straight out of the scriptures, possible only because this 'perk' is already mentally well integrated into me from the countless past life of recurring ascensions.

Therefore for me, it's about 'decent,’ condensing my spiritual body to the physical and perfecting the 'human vessel,’ body and mind to manifest all that 'I am' in here , becoming a living dragon and a grandmaster of the world.

My motto in achieving transcendency is simple:

'I,’ transcend 'their' bullshit, Hance! I am transcendent.

In Kali Yug' the pounding downward forces of Kali are at max and the veils of 'Maya' exceptionally strong, 'free will' is not free, It takes loads of hard work to cultivate and express the inner will, which in my opinion is much more challenging then Ascent.

All you need for ascension to the higher realms of the spirit is the K&C of the HGA, or in other terms, to successfully self-identify with the 'higher self,’ or ‘demon’ (depends on the direction you take), which is the vessel of your spirit in the outer/inner realms.

Once you've done that, It is assured that after death, you will be collected and escorted beyond the Microcosmic abyss to reunite with the Brahaman (spiritual ground) or to become a dweller of the abyss.

Transcendence is about achieving, balancing and fusing both.

During the time of Abramelin the mage and to lesser yet still impressive extant Crowley, It was a feat to admire, but now when the narrow path became a road, it is merely a matter of following the prescribed methods.

Two thousand five hundred years ago, "Enlightenment" took many lifetimes to achieve.

Currently, through Zen, it is said to takes about 6-7 years on average for a dense person to awake, while a less dense person can achieve in less than a year.

Teachers often neglected to mention that "enlightenment" or "awakening" is probably the most frustrating step as you come face to face with the sheer stupidity which surrounds us all; that is why so many "awaken" people choose to fall back into slumber.

But enough said...

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