• Almog Yarden

On the evolution of human, planetary consciousness and the Great work I - primordial Lunar age.

Updated: Apr 23

My thesis stems from a deep and arduous inquiry into the planetary records done through meditation, contemplation, and inner-plane inspiration.

It was initially compiled during my training to become a priest of the mysteries in the Helios School of Esoteric Science and is periodically updated.

The journey starts with a dream of the Earth to express herself by conceiving life, which will express her uniqueness, the keepers of her gardens, and her children.

Powerful beings from all over the universe and beyond heeded the call to pitch in with their power, consciousness, influence, and wisdom for that Great work.

It was an endeavor such as never attempted before.

Manifesting through the densest form of energy possible, that of the material plane will happen within the confines of a linear timeline and 3D space.

She is to become a place where the impossible is made possible.

Cosmic forces that could not exist next to each other will be reconciled.

She will be the ground for cooperation, resulting in a harmonious relationship and a unified expression of cosmic forces.

Enclosed deep within herself, her body becomes a furnace pounded by titanic forces, the primal expression of being of immense magnitude as they work their way into the physical plane through her.

Everything she had been before was obliterated, leaving only her naked body impregnated with an unprecedented amount of star seeds from that mostly violent impregnation.

Eventually, those forces will be condensed and refined enough, giving rise to the necessary physical life conditions to emerge.

However, the impregnation process was so fierce and rape-like that it sent her into a deep catatonic state, rendering her defenseless, helpless, and unapproachable to any outside spiritual or astral invasion.

Under Saturnian time and space limitations, her existence presented an impossible task even for the densest life form, with one exception, asteroid-born Fungi.

An androgynous moon was fashioned from her body and placed in orbit to shield her from straying asteroids and unwanted cosmic influences.

It helped temper the surrounding planetary influences, regulate her breathing cycle, and keep her safe within the dream while she recovered from the shock.

The furnace slowly cooled down, leaving an incredible amount of stable elements, highly complex nonorganic molecules, and, most importantly, water abundance.

It formed a rich, highly toxic atmosphere (Oxygen is a powerful reactive element), perfectly tempered climate, and primordial molecular soup.

According to Richard Dawkins’s fascinating ‘Selfish Gene’ Theory, out of that creamy nonorganic primordial soup emerged organic molecules, the building blocks of all planetary life.

The first extraterrestrial life to have physically made it through the atmosphere into the biosphere predates all other planetary-based life forms. It forms the base network for all Floral life forms.

They are by far the elder race or prime consciousness and are impartial for planetary life, Aka...Fungi.

From an esoteric point of view, I would attribute Fungal consciousness to Yesod and the Lunar Sphere.

According to that, preceding the formation of upper planetary Bioplasma/Ether, the primordial Ether is Lunaric, which also formed an empathic link between the Earth and the Moon, adding a powerful shielding effect.

Yesod’s Lunar waters run deeper than planetary life themselves.

Since the shock and violent violation experienced by the Earth was still fresh, it is a terrifying and dark place in our subconscious to experience.

The first part of our story ends with Malkhut within Yesod and the formation of Bacterial life.

From within the deep planetary inner planes via the spiritual seeds fused into the planet's core, the semi-dormant cosmic consciousness exerts its influence on the bacterial Bioplasma(Ether), creating many micronic life forms reflecting their diverse qualities, which developed into complex organisms.

The combination of Malkuth and Yesod is the biblical Clay through which life can be expressed.

Two of those animal kingdoms are native to the planet and directly represent her unique quality Aka... Flora and the Fish.

The planetary spiritual emanations expressed through the Bioplasm of the fish become Hod (intellect).

Fungal become inseparable from the planetary Flora, and together they form the feral realm of Netzach (art), the lower astral.

Bioplasma - Ether - lower Astral - upper astral.


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