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  • Almog Yarden

On the evolution of human, planetary consciousness and the Great work I - primordial Lunar age.

Updated: Jan 8

As the Earth embarked on this grand journey to bring life into being, she knew it would not be easy. Her body became a furnace pounded by immense, titanic forces as they sought to manifest on the physical plane through her. Everything she had been before was obliterated, leaving only her naked body impregnated with an unprecedented number of star seeds. But the Earth remained determined, for she knew that from these seeds, the necessary physical conditions for life to emerge would eventually be refined and condensed.

Despite the challenges she faced, the Earth persevered. She drew upon the power, consciousness, influence, and wisdom of powerful beings from across the universe and beyond who answered her call to join in this great work. Together, they embarked on an undertaking unlike any attempted before, manifesting life on the densest plane of energy, the material plane, within the constraints of linear time and 3D space.

The Earth knew this manifestation would be where the impossible became possible, where conflicting cosmic forces would be reconciled and in harmony. And so, with the help of these powerful beings, the Earth began to bring her dream of life into being, determined to create a place of cooperation and unity.

As titanic forces battered the Earth's body, everything she had been before was erased, leaving behind only her naked body filled with an unprecedented number of star seeds. Yet, despite the violence of the impregnation process, the Earth remained determined to bring life into being. And eventually, the forces at work within her cooled and condensed, creating the necessary physical conditions for life to emerge.

But the process was not without its challenges. The impregnation was so violent and violating that it sent the Earth into a deep catatonic state, rendering her defenseless and unapproachable to any outside spiritual or astral invasions. Under the constraints of Saturnian time and space, the very existence of life on Earth seemed like an impossible task.

A moon was created from her body to protect the Earth, regulate her breathing cycle, and place her in orbit. This Moon shielded the Earth from stray asteroids and unwanted cosmic influences, helping to temper the surrounding planetary effects and keep the Earth safe. As the furnace cooled, it left behind a rich, highly toxic atmosphere, a perfectly tempered climate, and a primordial molecular soup that eventually gave rise to the building blocks of all planetary life - organic molecules.

The first extraterrestrial life to physically reach the biosphere on Earth predates all other planetary-based life forms. It forms the foundation for all floral life and is the elder race or prime consciousness that is neutral towards planetary life. According to esoteric belief, the consciousness of fungi is attributed to Yesod and the Lunar sphere. The primordial ether that existed before the formation of upper planetary bioplasma/ether was lunatic and created an empathic connection between the Earth and the Moon and a powerful shielding effect. The lunar waters of Yesod are said to be deeper than planetary life itself, and the shock and violent violation experienced by the Earth are still fresh in our subconscious, haunting us as a disturbing and dark memory.

The story continues with the formation of bacterial life, which is connected to the cosmic consciousness and the spiritual seeds fused into the planet's core. This creates many micronic life forms with diverse qualities that eventually develop into complex organisms. The combination of Malkuth and Yesod represents the biblical clay through which life on Earth can be expressed. Two animal kingdoms native to the planet, flora and fish, directly represent the Earth's unique qualities. The planetary spiritual energies expressed through the bioplasma of fish become Hod (intellect). In contrast, fungi become inseparably linked to the planetary flora and form the feral realm of Netzach (art) in the lower astral plane. This hierarchy of planes includes bioplasma, ether, lower astral, and upper astral.


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