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MY packt with Asmodeus

Updated: Oct 8, 2020

DATE: 22/09/2020 TIME: Nighttime

SUBJECT: Contacting Asmodeus


Using an invocation to open the Qliphothic realm and blood consecration of the sigil, I called Asmodeus and invited him to come into the temple and inside me.

Sitting and meditating by his presence and current with the intention of letting my subconscious mind to form links through images and thoughtforms, the contact started to happen.

The first image to appear was of a man with a head of a Goat, his eyes glowing bright blood-red.

Then appeared a man with a head of a bull, his eyes glowing bright blood-red followed by a third appearance, this time of an atavistic ghoulish image of Asmodeus with glowing red eyes.

The movement, expression, and feeling from those images were of animalistic wrath and suppressed lust.

DATE: 23/09/2020 TIME: Nighttime

SUBJECT: Calling Asmodeus


Throughout the ritual, there was strong compact magnetic energy resonating in and around me.

Asmodeus appeared in two forms which were somewhat similar but not the same. Both as a huge horned demon walking through the flames of his infernal realm.

The first time with a double Axe like horns, and the second with curved ram horns

His torso was red, muscular, and powerful, and the lower body made of fire and earth, made out of the same infernal elements of his realm.

The first appearance was of lesser intelligence, animalistic like that of a bull.

The second carried greater intelligence and was demonic and majestic.

I think it was about finding the right ‘demon-king’ prototype for my mind to grasp the might of his infernal form, not an end product.

Continuing by reading the pact out loud, pausing every once in a while to verify it with him, he seems to be contemptuous.

At the end of the ritual, Asmodeus Sigil and Goetic images were reflected from the picture and embedded in my aura (the Sigil centered on my chest).


The terms of the pact were approved by Asmodeus and the binding process began.

Forming a pact by ‘Selling’ or ‘Secraficing’ my soul doesn’t make any sense which is why I prefer to do this through ‘Soul binding’, spiritually siding, and enlisting with Asmodeus.

DATE: 24/09/2020 TIME: Nighttime

SUBJECT: Ritualistically Signing of the pact


Through his sigil and image , I Evoked and Invoking Asmodeus reaffirmed my intention of signing the pact and read it out loud.

I asked him to remind me of meetings and interventions in my life directed by him, and as it turned out one of the most amazing adventures I had with a girl years back was an intervention on his side.

She was a true Gem and I love her today as much as I did then.

A few years later there was another girl that reminded me of her and although she was very clearly interested in me in a very similar fashion to the other one, at the time I was not available for it but at least now I have become aware.

I went on watching the video of the ritual, opening myself, and participating in the active parts, it was a thrill.

Throughout the ritual, the feeling of Asmodeus and his current were powerfully evident, and although at the beginning I had doubts, they were quickly replaced by a feeling of self-confidence and potency.

If I would be the divine what would I do differently?

Believe it or not, no change at all! I am divinity and my life is of my own doing.

At the end of the video ritual I went on to sign the pact, it was clearly successful. As I signed over my magical signature with the pierced thumb of my left hand, a soul of some unfortunate whoever dropped down from me to the infernal realm and accepted by Asmodeus as a payment.

A second soul was taken by a third party to the left of me and in exchange, I received a “new” unmarked soul.

In truth, I don’t understand the Cristian fuss about that ‘soul’ trade and exchange as ‘soul’ trade is so common in Hindu Tantra-Agora and countless other yogas.

In other words, I gave Asmodeus a SIM card charged with some unawakened nobody infused with his self-identity.

Another SIM was taken by a third party and I got a new unmarked SIM (don’t know yet for what purpose).

There was an astral explosion and a wave of half-visible smoke came up from the alter.

While Signing for Asmodeus I felt his power flowing through the sigil into my hand and through my pierced left-hand thumb pressed over his name to the paper.

The ‘Soul binding’ is a spiritual commitment that chains me to him and through him to the infernal realm.

Furthermore is a spiritual and personal commitment to the work of building the infernal empier, being enlisted.

Before the end, he firmly expected me to acknowledge him as ‘him’ not ‘me’ which I did by affirming myself to be ‘me’ through my magical name.

Then affirming him being him through his name (with strong, clear, and full intention).

It was necessary and felt correct,

He was pleased.

A voice was saying “He already passed four with Asmodeus”, which I understood to be four tests or phases of change towards full alignment(kind of like learning to fall in line with his ranks).

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