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Na’amah - Nehemoth

Updated: Jan 8, 2023

My experience so far with Nehamoth and Naamah, the presiding Demoness.

Na'amah is a powerful and mysterious being, often described as a daemon, a neutral, chaotic entity with powers and characteristics akin to a deity. She is made up of an elemental mixture of air and water, represented by a black-blue electric storm combined with massive magnetic rocks. She is connected to the nightside and the lunar, corresponding to the West and twilight.

In her appearance, Na'amah is a nurturing figure with pale white skin, lustrous black hair, and a sensual, heavy build. Her voice is vibrant, and her psychic roar is said to be devastating. Yet, despite her strength and independence, she can also provide deep emotional nourishment.

According to Jewish scripture, Na'amah is the sister of Toval Kain and shares a similar psychic signature, physique, and astral makeup. However, it's important to note that this type of incarnation, or avatar, of powers should not be confused with basic biology but rather as a way to illustrate a similar order of being. Na'amah is the daughter of Leviathan, the primordial serpent which lurks in the void, and is thus strongly affiliated with those powers and qualities.

During her initiation to Lilith and the Qliphoth, Lilith gave Na'amah the Hebrew name "Est-Ash-Ima-El." The last two syllables, "Ima-El," can be associated with Na'amah, as they translate to "Mother" and "Directed Power," respectively. The word "El" is made up of the letters "Alef" (ox) and "Lamed" (ox-goad), which together represent directed power and independence. "Est-Ash" means "moss woman" and stands for the occult, night, death, and the dark side of the soul. This new code name, given in an angelic template, represents Na'amah as a fallen angel of the nightside.

While working with Na'amah, I began to have regular contact with her through dreams and memories. I discovered that she can emit a mighty psychic roar, earning her the Hebrew title "Ari-El" or "Powerful Lioness." This title is also associated with the altar on the Temple Mount, initially a place of worship for the deity Shalem, the god of sunset. So it's possible that Na'amah's original place of power was this mythological location, from which the mythical priest Malki Tzedek came.

Na'amah was a pleasant daemon with tremendous nurturing power that felt like ethereal, cloudy milk. Her Kundalini energy was like a dark cloud of blue, electric soft magnetism. I should note that I find the mystical application of hieroglyphic Hebrew (Proto-Hebrew) confusing when placed within the context of the Christian system.

During my work with Belial, he emphasized the importance of my relationship with Na'amah, and Lilith shared this sentiment. This has raised questions for me about the differences in the energetic and mental development of a sorcerer working with Lilith and Na'amah, as there seems to be no conflict in the Kundalini energy they generate.

Na'amah's appearance as a fallen angel differs from her as a nurturer. In this form, her eyes flame fiercely with blinding white light, and she is robed in ghostly, bluish-white garments. She appears as a shrinking, wrathful, magnificent wraith, more in line with Jewish rabbinic lore. I think Na'amah is as powerful as Lilith, her senior in the qlipothic realm, and is a separate, self-existing Shakti in a seed state.

While Lilith's Kundalini is hot, dark, and fiery, Na'amah's Kundalini is a cold, radiating flame. One significant difference between these two beings is that Lilith is coupled with an equally powerful masculine force (Samael/Lucifer). At the same time, Na'amah is currently "unmarried" and is, therefore, a potential Kundalini waiting to happen.

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1 comentario

Laura Anne
Laura Anne
04 nov 2023

I love this. I work with Naamah and Dantalion. You describe her energy well. I know when she is present. As a woman, I feel more empowered and sensual when she is with me.Never needy. But very much like a temptress.

Me gusta
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