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Occult science and why I reject the notion of authority.

Updated: Apr 21

It is widely accepted in our society to have authorities, especially in the scholarly field of research and science.

This approach, however, is counter scientific and leads to the deterioration of knowledge and defected teaching.

A scientist must question everything and anything presented to him, develop a highly discriminated mind, and make his evaluation of evidence before concluding.

Science is progressive! It means that besides a handful of concrete scientific teachings, which stood the testing of numerous verified experimentation yielding the same results, those that acquired piles on piles of undisputed evidence.

Most of what we know as scientific “truth” presented by so-called authorities will be disproven by scientists’ future generations.

Newton’s laws of mechanics have been thoroughly verified by numerous repetitive experimentation. Darwin’s ‘Origin of species’ theory of evolution has become teaching by accumulating piles of evidence.

When we review past occult widely considered to be authorities, we too often mistake them as having absolute knowledge.

Claiming to draw on ancient sources and sacred scriptures, the same occultists who blindly follow the occult teaching of those people often neglect to notice that they barely had any magical resources to draw on at all.

The pioneering generations of occult scientists relied on corrupted translations of older sources, channeled material, and half-backed info that was so exotic (Hindu, Buddhist, Mesopotamian, Egyptian) thus largely unverifiable and exaggerated at the time, disproven later and will be revised by new data in the future.

In light of modern Mesopotamian and Egyptian archeology, Buddhist teachings and practices, teaching about Chakras, Reiki, Energy manipulation, Enochian magick, and practical psychology such as NLP, life coaching, REBT, and CBT.

It is evident that although self glorified, they were mostly wrong or severely lacking.

The Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn is notorious for having rigged and twist every system they could lay hands on to fit their dogma.

In this regard, the Enochian system they ‘rearranged’ is known to backfire on the practitioner while the original system complete within herself is relatively safe.

Crowly’s system of correspondence and way of taking highly complex, interwoven, and intricate concepts, then mashing them together, is outright intellectually offensive and utterly devoid of any practical value.

It reeks of ignorance, typical ‘we know better’ English bigotry towards other cultures, and is outright dangerous to follow.

Common knowledge among stoners is that many great ideas came into their mind while being high only to realize later they were not that great.

Crowley was a junky! Heroin and Cocaine are not something you can put aside for a few days while conducting your magical operation. His whole work is tainted and unreliable, yet he managed to product some pearls of wisdom.

Disregarding this fact, occultists and magick practitioners still blindly follow his footsteps because he is an ‘authority.’

As a rule of thumb, most serious new agers have a deeper understanding, practice, resources, and teachers then he or any of his peers has ever had but still are bearly able to scrap the surface of mysticism or magic as he did.

My knowledge of Shivaisim ( I am a sadhu) and well invested years of mindfulness and single mindedness meditation made it quite clear that those pioneers know at best very little about ancient Eastern practices.

As a person who’s mother thong is Hebrew at a high scholarly level.

It is downright insulting to read books and debate people who claim to keep adherence to Hebrew sources while rejecting my understanding of them because it is not how their ‘authorities’ wrote it.

At best, those predecessors read a translation of a complex high-level Hebrew source to Greek-Latin, translated to France-German, then again translated to high-level English, which they downgraded and simplified for high-society English people to read.

For example, Dion’s Fortune reverend “Mystical Kabbalah” compared to modern books on Kabballah is basically “an idiots guide,” far from being what she claimed it to be.

However, it is good enough for most occultists who want to get an idea about the tree of life.

Strangely she repeatedly denies the reader from having “dangerous secret knowledge let it be put to harmful use.”

It is probably due to her lack of understanding of Kabballah, not having any more in-depth knowledge, and lesser black magic techniques to acquire mystical air of prestige (cheap sales trick).

Fortunately, it is a validated knowledge, while most other materials from that time were “channeled” rubbish or fake.

It takes a person as devoted, focused, and knowledgeable!!! As Johan Dee, to acquire any valuable knowledge through spiritual divination, and in his case, many of the instructions he received regarding his personal life were highly questionable and led him to a life of misfortune.

Question ‘authorities’ by ten, ‘spirits’ by a thousand.

The pioneers of modern occultism were heavily indoctrinated and influenced by religion.

Their teachers and parent punished them for using imagination (pinching and scold the child for daydreaming was a norm ).

They were forbidden from thinking outside of the accepted narrow lines of their time.

Their psychological situation was far better than of occultists from medieval age who saw only terrifying demos and vision of hell or angels and had no experimental knowledge of polytheistic cultures.

Owing to their deeply integrated fear psychology, they were prawn to insanity and psychic breakdown for even venturing to the lunar reservoir of images.

Their minds’ capacity to digest spiritual information and graphic images was feeble and limited to their time’s religious artwork.

In contrast, we can grasp the concepts of parallel universes, inhabitable planets, extra dimensions, singularities, and one night stands.

For them, the earth was flat, the center of the universe, under Jehovic autocracy, and jerking off will make you blind and distorted.

The impact of movies, heavy metal ambiance, imagery, psytrance worlds of atmosphere and imagery, fantasy and science fiction literature, RPG’s, and computer games on our mind is staggering in terms of our capacity to draw on imagery.

Even the most rudimentary knowledge of computers provides a considerable advantage for any occultist when explaining the metaphysics of the mind.

As I own a highly developed and fully invested intellect, which wasn't in any way easy to achieve.

I prefer constructing my web of associations steaming out of personal practical research rather than subjugate my mind to whatever Authority.

This principle holds in each field of occult practice, past, present, and future.

Standing above all other degenerates is Kenneth's Granth writing that reflects his methods of constructing and training his mind, a mind which he expounds and totally fucks people up through his books.

After having the creepiest sex EVER! with his mind in the first part of "the night side of Eden," I never want to repeat this experience.

Indeed, other individuals having constructed their minds and intellects differently would be able to filter through his writing and might find something useful.

Not me.

I've been mind fucked in school. I’ve been mind fucked by my parent, mind fucked by society, various dogmatic subcultures, and countless other "authorities" to the point of discarding my naivety altogether to adopt the 'by experience only approach.’

No authorities! Only intellectually able peers.

The best occult material I can expound today is the raw material for future improvements.

Be discriminative with anything you read, take everything with a grain of salt, and take care of your mind.

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