• Almog Yarden

Packt with Beelzebub - Angel of entropy

DATE: 28/09/2020

TIME: Nighttime


I am opening the Qliphoth and consecration of the seal.


Ezgi and Mari, two of my past lovers, where his.

Standing on the Qliphotic star, the sigil of Beelzebub appeared under my feet.

Although he didn’t appear as an image, I could feel his presence and current.

Realized that he is the gatekeeper preventing the forces of suffering from entering this realm and my consciousness, it became clear that another entropy (black octopus of suffering) struggles to get through.

He stands by the sixth gate and is one of the primary adversaries of Jehova.

There is a battle over my soul and deep indoctrination towards the Jehovistic plan, which needs to clear away for the bondage to work unhindered.

DATE: 29/09/2020 TIME: Nighttime


Invocation of Beelzebub and reading the pact out loud.


There was a correction of the pact realizing Beelzebub as the spirit of entropy.

His role as the lord of pestilence and spirit of entropy speak the most for me.

Having realized that, he appeared as the spirit of entropy in a Lovecraftian style image.

He was my guide and protector through the smashed sadhana and the Parana paratha back in Varanasi.

I already passed the fourth stage with him and can perceive the fifth (last trial).

The Jehovistic indoctrination is about to clear out.

His infernal realm of entropy is dark and post-apocalyptic, black Ashes falls from the sky, the air is hot, packed, and hard to breathe, piles of black ash (like burned newspapers without flames.) are all around.

DATE: 30/09/2020 TIME: Nighttime


Invocation of Beelzebub and signing the pact.


Marjaana saw me earlier as 14-15 years old (Ofel), with the same will and mental bulk like me, yet without the life wisdom.

Ofel looked determined, mentally solid, and socially undifferentiated (no affiliation)

It triggered undifferentiated maternal emotion she didn’t know how to handle.

I got that also from Lilith, which held Ofel’s hands like a protective older sister.

It solves an issue between her and Na'amah as Ofel is accepted by both and helps differentiate between them.

It felt great growing in the shadows of two powerful chaperones.

At the end of the ritual, it was confirmed: “Ofel passed 15.”

There was a feeling of Ofel’s acceptance to the family of the nightside.

The ritual started with my confirmation as an advanced sorcerer, placing me in the same party space with Other advanced and junior expert sorcerers.

The spirit evoked was Beelzebub as the spirit of entropy and lord of high places (seen as high mountain chain area).

At some point, I received a familiar spirit, the wolf of entropy, to be with me at all times.

In the end, I felt a female spirit from that infernal realm hanging around me.

Maybe the Lilith of that realm.

The sigil of Beelzebub levitated as a ball over my alter.

The packs signing ritual was successful.

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