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Sexual magnetism, Shakti Joga, and sorcery

Updated: Apr 21

This topic has been on my mind for a long time, ever since I meet the Agoris of Ardhanarishvara in India and am exposed to the concept and teaching of shakti Joga.

What is Shakti Joga?

Shakti is the feminine primordial cosmic energy, the dynamic forces that move through the entire universe.

Shakti Joga is the unification with Shakti through forming intimate relationships with one or more of her personifications.

Kali, Lilith, Tiamat, and other major goddesses alter the high-powered cosmic current to match the physical and astral bodies’ vibration.

The altered current is called Kundalini.

Shakti Kundalini is the alignment of the microcosmic current Kundalini to the cosmic Shakti.

Achieving that feat bestows on the sorcerer a demigod-like power (in Sanskrit Siddhis).

Sexual magnetism

Found at the inner core of a person's animality is a magnetic core acting as a power generator.

It provides a magnetical signature of a person’s life force uniquely.

The imprinted life force interacts with the environment to attract or reject other beings physically, astrally and spiritually, including people, animals, and spirits.

To a certain extent, adjustment can be made, yet the base qualities are predetermined, and in any case, it takes a considerable effort and particular tantra to achieve.

‘Ardhanarishvara’ Agoris are a sect of sadhus who practice an ancient form of Shakti Joga following “the Shiva who is (also) half a woman,” making them neither male nor female and also both (trans).

Amongst them, I encountered sadhus so fiercely embodying shakti they radiated from the power of the goddess with an intensity beyond any female practitioner I ever met.

Another Aghori I encountered was a male who practiced a tantra that fused him with his guru, an old and powerful Cron residing in the realms beyond to the extant of symbiosis.

An actual permanent spirit possession, enabling them to exist in both realms simultaneously.

The fusion was so intense that her face merges with his, one moment, a male, the other an old woman.

Fascinated with this beyond comprehension tantra of transcending the distinction between male and female, I wanted to understand this form of sorcery in my terms and explain it.

At the time and for many years to follow, I dedicated myself to Shiva’s single-minded pursuit, the ultimate masculine warrior, personifying the cosmic male energy.

Having worked dedicatedly, single mindedly, and vigorously for nine years, I achieved Shiva embodiment but at the expense of disowning Shakti and suppressing every feminine aspect of my magnetism.

It brought me great power but also great emptiness, stripping me of emotional life.

It wasn’t an error, as this is how it worked best for me.

Achieving Shiva state of existence (fixed ‘+’)’ is the first phase of this Joga.

The second is achieving Shakti (the fixed -).

Which brought me again to the fascinating subject of core sexual magnetism.

The importance of core sexual magnetism (Animality) in sorcery can not be overlooked.

A sorcerer’s animality determines his chances of success in a particular path and how far he would be able to go in terms of raw power(Kundalini).

For example, a heterosexual sorcerer engaging in a ritualistic act of “sodomy” will gain considerable Qliphothic power and fast. Still, as the magnetic resonance of this power is incompatible with his core animality, there is no way to stabilize it, and eventually, it will be repelled and lost.

Much like psychedelics, this kind of practice can forcefully break through barriers but is useless for long-term accumulation.


Technically, the top of Qlipoth’s tree (Tahumiel) is ruled by twin masculine demons ‘+/+’ whose function is to differentiate your animality, allowing the final consolidation and passage beyond.

By that time, the sorcerer should already have mature enough sexually to be transcend both or else become subjugated and lose his self-identity.

It is the achievement of the Baphomet, the not this and also not that, yet is both harmonized.

Gays having found their masculinity through other males, and refined their femininity will have an advantage and easier time handling the trial.

Heterosexuals must first stabilize ‘+’ and unify their ‘-’ with a shakti while achieving a balanced sexual union of selves.

Another way of consolidating ‘+’ is to work with the nine demonic gatekeepers, which should compel you to find your unique masculinity, and to work with Lilith to find your femininity.

Aligning your animality to Shiva personified or any of those gatekeepers combined with self-identification (I am him) ends in absorption and dispersion of self.

A little known Kabbalistic secret is the experience of the slingshot, the existence of two opposing Angels throwing the psyche from one end of his magnetism to the other repeatedly until the animality is ripped apart in preparation to be absorbed by the Jehovic continuum.

Working with Lucifer and Lilith ’+/0\+’: ‘-/+\-’ to balance the magnetism is a relatively safe way as one, that path is sexual and appeals directly to the core animality.

Secondly, they make a balanced couple and equal to each other.

If we take the feminist view of Lilith being only one faced dominatrix ‘‘+/-\+’, then she must be submissive to Lucifer, making her an advocate of toxic masculinity, which leads nowhere.

It is wise to see her as a ‘-/+\-’ stable within herself and a stabilizing element for a man.

It is also important to remember you are neither Lilith nor are you Lucifer.

You are YOU, and that is all you have.


Unlike other genders, in the process of unification with Shakti, a trans can subjugate his masculinity entirely to a Shakti personification in the form of a goddess while maintaining his physical masculine organs.

This will allow a powerful flow of cosmic shakti through his feminine while the masculine acts as an anchor.

It’s a complete inversion from how single genders settle the inflow of Shakti and, as I witness myself exceptionally powerful.

Trans Sadhus embodied various forms of Shakti as a living temple for the goddess but never identified as the goddesses themselves.

A total and unweaving confidence in your animality and gender identity is imperative as any Shakti power surge may cause an energetic meltdown.

‘Neither a man nor a woman and is both’ is a new perception of gender in the west, while it is a known and accepted gender in the East.

Woman sadhus of India

Nowhere have I encountered a female sadhu who practiced Shiva Joga: unification with the cosmic masculine force or any form of a husband-wife relationship with any male deity.

They never self-identified with a goddess to the point of seeing themself as her or hers. They always saw themself as a unique manifestation of the nonpersonal female cosmic force incarnated and equal to men.

They know the limit of their ability to conduct Shakti and respected Masculinity as is.

Amongst them, the hierarchy of age and wisdom outweighed personal power, the significance of the individual Dhuni (own fireplace) rejected any form of communal power hoarding.

Woman circles of “sisters” sharing their power, bathing in an etheric cloud of sexuality, or exchanging life force were unrealistic and are rejected by them.

Self-standing warriors, mothers, sorceress, devotees of the great goddess yes.

There are other forms of tantra in India where women identify themself as a goddess, which always involves subjecting male worshipers to draw on their power but it leads nowhere.

It requires them to stay virgins and reject the crone aspect of femininity striving to stay sexual and appealing.

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