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Sexual magnetism, Shakti Joga, and sorcery

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

Shakti Joga is a spiritual discipline that focuses on developing a close relationship with Shakti, a divine feminine energy that permeates the cosmos.

Relationships with Shakti personifications like Tiamat, Kali, and Lilith can be used to achieve this.

These personifications can change the Kundalini, a powerful cosmic current so that it vibrates at the same frequency as the astral and physical bodies.

By balancing the cosmic Shakti with the microcosmic Kundalini, practitioners can develop Siddhis or supernatural abilities.

I first learned about the theory and practice of Shiva/shakti embodiment when I first saw the Agoris of Ardhanarishvara in India.

Since then, I have been thinking about it.

Sexual magnetism

An essential component of sorcery is core sexual magnetism or animality.

It affects a sorcerer's odds of success and the power level they can attain through techniques like Kundalini.

Incompatible resonances can cause instability and the loss of power. Therefore, a sorcerer must align their animality with their activities.

For instance, a heterosexual sorcerer who does actions against their sexual orientation might swiftly rise to power. Still, they ultimately won't be able to maintain it over the long haul.

It is comparable to psychedelics, which have the ability to overcome obstacles but are useless for long-term progress.


Tahumiel, the apex of Qlipoth's tree, is ruled by twin masculine demons whose purpose it is to distinguish a sorcerer's animality and enable the ultimate consolidation and passage beyond.

The sorcerer should be sexually mature by this time and capable of transcending both masculine and feminine aspects; otherwise, they risk being dominated and losing their sense of self.

The Baphomet, a harmony between the masculine and feminine, is attained as a result.

Gay people who have previously honed their masculinity and femininity via partnerships with other men could find this experiment simpler.

Heterosexuals need to balance their sexual chemistry to unify their shakti, or feminine energy, with their male qualities.

Working with the nine demonic gatekeepers and identifying with them or with Lilith to discover one's femininity is another approach to strengthening one's masculinity.

The self can be absorbed and dispersed by aligning one's animality with Shiva or any of the guardians.

The experience of the slingshot is a lesser-known Kabbalistic secret in which two opposing angels continually fling the psyche from one end of the animality spectrum to the other, tearing the animality apart and preparing it for fusion into the Jehovic continuum.

While the path is sexual and directly appeals to the basic animality, and as the two make up a balanced couple, working with Lucifer and Lilith to balance the attraction can be a relatively safe approach to do.

So seeing Lilith only as a dominatrix with one face who is obedient to Lucifer might breed toxic masculinity and ultimately be counterproductive.

It's crucial to remember that you are neither Lilith nor Lucifer and to consider Lilith a solid and balancing element in yourself.


Transgender practitioners of tantra can retain their physical male organs throughout the unification with Shakti while completely submitting their masculinity to Shakti's personification as a goddess.

As a result, the masculine acts as an anchor, and the feminine allows for a strong flow of cosmic Shakti.

That can lead to tremendous power and is a total inversion of how other genders utilize Shakti.

While they do not identify as the goddesses themselves, transgender Sadhus in the East frequently represented various kinds of Shakti as living shrines for the goddess.

Any Shakti power surge might result in an energetic meltdown, thus, a transgender person needs to be completely confident in their animality and gender identity.

The idea of being "neither a man nor a woman, but both," recognized as a gender in the East, is becoming more widely understood in the West.

Woman sadhus of India

I haven't encountered any female sadhus who practice Shiva Joga or connect with the cosmic masculine force.

These female sadhus perceive themselves as individual representations of the impersonal female cosmic power that has taken on human form and are competing with males on an equal footing.

They don't have a strong connection to a goddess that they think they are or are part of her.

Instead, they own their limits as Shakti channelers and respect masculinity as it is.

Their communities place a higher value on hierarchy and wisdom than on individual authority, and they place greater importance on a person's spiritual path than on any desire for group power.

Sister exchange and power-sharing ceremonies are not participated in by female sadhus.

They are devotees of strong goddesses who are also independent moms, sorceresses, and warriors.

They don't take part in events that call for them to keep their virginity or to reject the crony side of femininity, though.

In some tantric rituals, women play the part of goddesses and compel men to channel their power. These practices are also practiced in India.

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