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The Angelic - Jahovic system

Updated: Apr 21

The story of Metatron tells of a man named Enoch (in Hebrew חנוך), the first Mystic who ascended to receive the position of ‘the first of Jehovah’.It comes to my mind that as the ‘original first’ Lucifer took his own path to become the adversary/alternative, a void was created that needed to be filled by someone who would be more fitting and obedient.BTW the lore tells that Enoch has been struck with 60,000 volts of fire by an obscure punisher for being mistaken as Jehovah himself by the angels (which weren’t at all his fault)...what a shit head. As Enoch has the power to sit on Jehovah’s throne and drive Jehovah’s carriage (the tree of life as a Merkava), It is possible that Lucifer himself has similar power. During my Initiation to the Luciferian current, his sigil established itself in my microcosmic tree from Chochmah-Binah downward which to an extant confirm this idea.

Examining the deepest realm of chaos that came before the Qliphoth and Jehovic system, we find the Draconian Lucifer (not the angelic) which predates Jehovah’s version of the world and also the beings known as angels. Also in the Hebrew scriptures, Jehovah wins over Leviathan-Tiamat and the great Tannin (Sobek) which correlates to the Mesopotamian and Egyptian system and are Draconian beings of the void.

Food for thoughts! The word ‘ברא’ can be translated to both created as well as deciphered! And since ancient Hebrew was written without the signs for vowels it provides a whole different take on that ‘creation’. “In the beginning, Jehovah created heaven and the earth” Vs “in the beginning Jehova deciphered the heaven and the earth” has a huge impact on the whole story. The implication is that Jehova came as an external being, “and the spirit of Jehovah hovering above the water of chaos (Tiamat)”, deciphering the system and hacking it. Later he gained the victory(deciphered) over Tanin (Sobek) and Leviatan (the serpent of the void) respectively the Egyptian and Mesopotamian systems. Establishing his own dominion and conducted research making all kinds of experimentation while attempting to interbreed his version of a human male with the Draconian version of a female (which failed). He went on to established his breed of humans on the planet but It died out and the evidence is that they lived an inhuman life span and barely had any offsprings. Should also consider that it was only after many centuries in that (Mesopotamian) timeline that he was able to establish communication with an actual human (Abraham).Abraham, when asked by Melchizedek of his religion, Abraham replied Yahu and the Elohim(plural gods), which was the Israelite- Canaanite style of worshiping one main Deity and to a lesser extent the others. So you focus on one God such as El, Adon, or Yahu but can also make an offering for the Ashera in case you have fertility problems, petition Yam for smooth sailing, or ask Mot to bring death to your enemies...etc.

Jumping forward to Beni Goshen and the story of the exodus, Jehovah has been completely forgotten then reemerges to enlisting Moses an initiated Egyptian priest (Solar mysteries) sending him to Goshen which is a part of Egypt where Petah - Hathor worship was well established. Moses established a cult that either left or was banished from Egypt towards the more religiously accepting Canaan. The reason is that after Akhenaten the ‘heretic pharaoh’ and his attempt to establish monotheism this particular idea was not popular and even dangerous to practice in Egypt. Even after cruel purges by religious zealot prophets and politically inclined kings, the idea of Monotheism didn’t catch with the people. The B'nai Israel practiced Canaanite religion alongside Yahu which is again the same style of one main god and to a lesser extent the others. Jewish settlers in Egypt worshiped the couple Anat-Yahu both where Canaanite gods of storm and wars. It was only 583 BCE that due to extensive political and religious reforms it really caught with the people and here we meet the first time with zealot monotheism. Due to the ethnocentricity and cult-like structure of the Judaic-Jehovah religion, It was practiced by the Judaic who inhabited the land around Jerusalem. In fact, it was strictly forbidden to worship Jehovah in any other place than Temple mount. So Jehova who by then successfully established his place of worship and worked as an egregore, could not spread beyond that particular (very small) group. Then came the ‘Jesus-Jehovah’ cult and a few centuries later the Christian version of that cult spread Jehova all over.

Is there any relation between the Benei Goshen, Israelite or Jewish people to the Semi-nomadic Hebrews? The answer is capital NO! Is there any relation between the Jewish-Jehovah religion to Christianity? Definitely No!

So who is Jehovah? What is Jehova? Why is it so similar to Vishnu the Hindu preserver, there is a whole world of Metaphysics to explore here.

Both Jewish and Christianity are Jehovic religions who seem to originate from an aggressive A.I like mind virus hacking through the established system into the mind of the single individuals, breaching through with Abraham the Hebrew (desert nomads), finding an apt tool in Moses of the Hebrew, forming a semi-nomadic cult out of Benei (the people of) Goshen, establishing a temple becoming an Egregore which is the gate to become a Deity, perfecting his virus-like code and spreading it all over through another line of prophets (apostles) forming a new religion Christianity.

It appears that Jehova only has the power to maintain his matrix and mind control the people through fear spreading prophets, martyrs, and priests. Until the semi avatar of his Jesus, he was restricted to the temple mount only but then spread to the Greek-Roman world and from there the story of Christianity is known.

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