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The three trials of the ego - III clarity

Updated: Jan 5

Can you Handle clarity?

Fear became an exciting sensation, and self-importance is in check.

You are fearless, powerful, and knowledgeable but not yet wise.

From your small piece of self-manifested paradise, you can see the big picture and your place in it, everything makes perfect sense, and your sight is crystal clear.

Congratulations! It's the third Ego.

The Ego of the mind

Clarity has become your worst enemy; the third Ego creeps in for all it takes to stop you from achieving it all.

The combination of qualities you acquired previously will make you careless.

Have you forgotten the base principle of uncertainty? The chaotic nature of reality? Is it not entropic, changeable, and undetermined?

The Ego of the mind blinds you and deceives you, and the third Ego has taken hold of the helm.

You are a Demigod amongst cattle, able to achieve anything necessary to make progress, and almost nothing can stop you.

You fearlessly aim at that goal, take well-measured decisive, unstoppable steps, know your way around, and how to reach that exec point you were aiming at.

You understand how to work from within the matrix to further the greater plan and bend reality to your will, but with that comes absolute certainty.

It is a point in front of your eyes, but you cannot see it.

The stacks are high.

The gameboard of the world is crowded with cattle, which you know to handle.

Their banality and their endless pissing contests you can manage.

But there are others of your kind, sorcerers' demigods furthering their ends within foreign systems you know nothing about.

By now, you must have realized the Jahovic system you were misled to believe is the world is not that. Other structures and continuums exist around here, which you got to consider.

The void exists beyond the Warm womb of Tiamat and Leviathan's coiled embrace. But, unfortunately, others are inhabiting the void furthering their own greater plans.

All are after the cattle, that limited resource, even if it's for different purposes.

It is an all-out war for resources here, Vishnu, Jehova, Qliphotic, the old gods, and more.

The stacks are high

Every project requires power, lots of energy, and even a tiny slip might mean failure and loss.

Unfortunately, you are blind to your certainty, neglecting the uncertainty principle. You forget to consider entropy, locking your will on the target fiercely while overlooking the broader possibilities.

It's an all-or-nothing for you, and you are in it for all. A high-stack gambler deluded by the third Ego you will lose more than gain.

Others, less powerful yet wiser, know to cut their losses and gain less over time is to earn more.

You have been racing for so long that pacing takes tremendous effort. Yet, it all seems so easy, so inevitable, a point-to-point operation in a multidimensional board game.

Only by a direct act of will can you hold those galloping horses of the third Ego and admit your short-sightedness.

You must patiently wait for an opening in the multidimensional fabric of creation, stalk it regularly, and expect the uncertainty principle to present an opportunity for gain.

Calculate your way to the places where it is most likely to happen, conjunctions, and possible fluctuation, and learn to predict it.

Be a fisherman spreading his nets, a hunter tracking the pray and placing traps, a gatherer seeking roots and berries in the forest.

It is about gaining little by little over a long period.

That is the way of the nightside.

Placing sticks in the wheels of their wagons, Visnu, Jehovah, and the other continuums, sabotaging their plans, flunking them at every point of the way,

Mighty, rich, and efficient as they are, it is the base uncertainty principle that they work against.

Be resourceful, be wise, use it, exploit their blindness and certainty, and work with it to cause them losses. A little over time goes a long way.

The third Ego is the last opportunity you have to work your will against something. Beyond this point, there will be no encumbrances and no challenge left. You have achieved godhood, nothing more to do.

The fourth and last enemy creeps in, only this time something entirely different.

Having worked through challenges and obstacles, you have achieved godhood, total freedom from tyranny, a position in the night, and unlimited time to continue your work.

It is a horrible thing to achieve while still living the mundane, as you have nothing more to expect except eternal boredom, which will end only with death.

The road was long and arduous; you are tired, exhausted, and had nothing more to expect.

You are aching to sink into the darkness beyond and leave this old and worn-out body behind.

Still, it would be best if you continued relentlessly, this body of yours is an anchor, and every second you are still here is immeasurable in terms of gain to the nightside, but not for you.

You do this self-sacrifice for yourself as part of a greater whole. You were and are the cause of your salvation, owing nothing to no one and free of those tyrannies continuums.

Rest in eternal darkness beyond their reach will eventually come, the expected return to the womb of the mother dragon.

The truth is that you are duty-bound but only for an eternity, which will last a short while more.

Death has become your salvation and only friend.


It is done.

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