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  • Almog Yarden

What is a Draconian

Updated: Jan 8

To me, a "Draconian" is a powerful and chaotic entity that exists beyond the laws of time and space. These entities, which are similar to singularities, can manifest into the universe to express their will and magical expression, known as "Lila" in Sanskrit. Examples of Draconian entities that have manifested in this way include Atum, IadBalat, Tiamat, and Shiva. Shiva's particular manifestation, known as "Mahakal," is focused on reuniting with the primordial void. As a being known as "Naga Raja," or "lord of the Nagas," Shiva is also associated with a race of serpentine humanoids.

In the left-hand path of Draconian magic, practitioners may work with Shiva and follow his Lila in the pursuit of Draconian freedom. Another Draconian being is Lucifer, who predates the Jehovistic system and exists beyond it. As part of his Lila, Lucifer seeks to bring about liberation by disintegrating the Jehovistic continuum. To me, "evil" is anything that suppresses freedom, and Lucifer's goal of liberation aligns with this belief.

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