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What is a Draconian

Updated: Apr 2, 2023

A powerful, chaotic, self-existing creature that exists beyond of space and time is referred to as a "Draconian."

The power to manifest in the universe, called "Lil" in Sanskrit, allows these creatures, which resemble singularities and operate within them, to carry out their intent.

Atum, IadBalat, Tiamat, and Shiva are just a few of these draconian creatures that have taken human form.

One such manifestation is Shiva's "Mahakal," whose path is devoted to reunification with the primordial emptiness.

Shiva is known as "Naga Raja," or "lord of the Nagas," and is associated with a species of serpentine humanoids.

Mysticism and magic of the eastern left-hand path enable practitioners to work with Shiva and follow his Lila on their path to liberation.

Another Draconian being is Lucifer, who exists outside of and before the Jehovistic order.

As part of his Plan, Lucifer desires to obliterate the Jehovistic continuum to set humanity free.

Anything that limits freedom falls under my concept of "evil," and Lucifer's goal of emancipation is congruent with this idea.

Some orders adhere to the direct current of the primordial dragon "Dracul," which triumphs over other forms like Shiva and Lucifer. These people are known as Draconians.


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