• Almog Yarden

What is a Draconian

Updated: Apr 21

My definition of a 'Draconian' is a super-condensed, self-standing massive entity of chaotic nature and immeasurable power, which much like singularity exists beyond the physics of the time-space continuum.

From within those various singularities, a derivative can emerge into the universe to express their will and 'Lila' (Sanskrit) dance/artistic expression.

Atum, IadBalat, and Tiamat are such emanations that I experience as separate beings each with its own unique Lila.

Another draconian emanation is Shiva who's Lila (as an avatar) is to reunite with himself as 'Mahakal' a similar concept to primordial void.

One of his titles is 'Naga Raja' 'lord of the Nagas' (A serpent humanoid race of beings).

LHP Draconian working with Shiva's current following his Lila seeking Draconian freedom.

Lucifer for me is a Draconian being with his own Lila and Uniqueness, and although he has an Angelic avatar made from and compatible with the Jehovic system.

Being draconian he predates it and exists beyond it.

Part of his Lila is to disintegrate the Jehovistic continuum and bring about liberation which is great as "Evil is that which suppresses Freedom".

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